When I started my journey of self discovery I never would have imagined that I’d discover so many like minded people along the way.

“Finding my tribe” so to speak has been one of the most rewarding outcomes of my journey so far. We can thank social media for helping us with this. Fortunately for us there are so many ways to connect with others who you may not meet normally, but nevertheless align with. 😁

It feels like some sort of invisible magnetic field that either draws you together or pushes you away. In my mind it’s all about our “energy” in who and what we attract in our lives.

This invisible energy is quite something to behold…for some inextricable reason we’re often drawn to our tribe without any real level of consciousness. Miraculous! ❤️

This is particularly true for those of us that believe that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime as the quote goes. To either help us, teach us or let us teach them something.

We need others to help and guide us throughout our lives and to assist us fill in the puzzle pieces and move toward discovering our purpose in life.

Finding your tribe is definitely a two way street in terms of giving and receiving.

When we find our tribe we each bring a level of energy, understanding, alignment or connectedness that’s difficult to put your finger on.

Often we’re brought together without a clear reason as to why, but I suppose it’s the universe organizing itself. We just have to trust that this is what was meant for us, and even though connecting may seem a little ambiguous at the time we just need to trust that it was meant to be for some reason…

As you know the Alchemist is one of my favourite books, in it, the protagonist Santiago sets out to discover his personal legend (purpose). Now whether each of us sets out consciously to discover our purpose in life or not, I believe at some point we all question its meaning. 🧐

Ultimately its a far more interesting journey being supported and guided by your tribe. Each new person whom I encounter that I recognize as part of my tribe helps me toward my journey of self discovery whether in a small way or large.

For me, the realization is that our lives are not a dress rehearsal, or something that we can do over at some point was a turning point in my thinking. Like for many of us this epiphany came at a time of turmoil in my life.

Some might call this a mid life crisis, others an awakening but however you frame it in your minds eye it’s a definite change in mindset.

I found that once I’d had my epiphany that I could never look at life in the same way as I had in the past.

Honestly, it felt like I’d been asleep my whole life and that I’d woken up from a dream… ❤️

From this point forward I began experiencing life in a whole new way. It was also at this point that my tribe started to find me and me them.

Between my writing, podcasting and speaking I’ve been able to cast a broad net and connect with people from all over the world.

I suppose with more than 7+ billion people in the world its just a matter of time before you connect with others of your tribe. Right?

It all comes back to the energy factor, and the vibe that you give off that makes it possible to connect. Important reminders like staying positive, letting go of your old mindset, remaining open and most of all leading with love and gratitude.

Simple, yet effective! ❤️

For me and my tribe these are the ingredients of the secret source of living a happy, contented and fulfilled life. Ensuring that each day we continue to seek and discover the beauty of life on our terms.

There will always be naysayers and those that wish to pull you down, sometimes close friends or family…

These are the folks who don’t see what you see because they aren’t at a point in their lives where they can.

Moving on can be painful, but necessary in order to find your tribe.

If they were meant to be part of your life then they will be, if not that’s okay too. This process, although painful at the time can be very cathartic.

It’s at these moments that your tribe helps you the most. Providing you with encouragement and support in these trying times, if nothing more than with a friendly word or embrace.

Having the courage to choose the life you’ve always wanted. As you all know it’s never a road free from the bumps…far from it.

But in the same breath I can also tell you that it’s been the most rewarding journey so fat, full of adventures and great experiences. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Remember there is no perfect blueprint to living your best life. Finding your tribe along the way will make it a whole lot more fun and interesting.

Until next week