As sunset nears the restaurants begin to open along the beach. It’s time for a ice cold beer after the heat of the day.

Tel Aviv has been likened to the Los Angeles of the Mediterranean with its waterfront hotels, surf beaches and late night clubs.

Surfers catching waves along the beachfront in Tel Aviv. Plenty of consistent sets coming in, not huge but not bad for a main beach – and not crowded.

Walking along the beach from Tel Aviv to Jaffa is an easy stroll, even on a hot middle eastern day.

Carmel markets are the epicentre of your Tel Aviv shopping experience. also known as “Shuk HaCarmel” is a definite must-see while shopping in Tel Aviv. 

Incredible dried foods ready to eat at the Carmel markets.

Foods from all over the world are on hand…such delicious macaroons.

Such cool little coffee shops dot the cityscape. Just love it!