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Get To Know Terence Wallis

Some might say…

Terence is a renaissance man. Raising himself out of an early life of poverty in rural Australia to a partner at one of the world’s most prestigious management consulting firms, through his self-belief, focus and persistence.

In 2011, Terence realized that he’d gotten it all wrong by concentrating primarily on his career to the detriment of every other aspect of his life, including his two children. This realization not only changed his thinking, but also changed his life and the life of those around him, irrevocably.

In 2011, he began…

writing a story once a week for his kids, and has been publishing his essay weekly ever since. His readership and listenership has grown to over 750,000 and counting.

In 2014, Terence published his first book entitled “Indelible Adventures”, which is a collection of short stories of his intrepid life growing up in rural Australia. His second book was published In 2018 and is entitled “Una Storia d’amore” which is a selection of some of his favourite photos of his beloved Italy in the form of a beautifully crafted coffee table book.

Since leaving the corporate world and starting Indelible Adventures Terence has created the life he’d always wanted which is founded on flexibility and following his passions. 

His uncompromising approach to living life every day has also had other benefits in that he’s served as a role model for many, in particular his two now grown children.  He believes their success was forged over the course of the many shared adventures and experiences they had together traveling the world during their formative years.

Terence is an excellent…

speaker, coach and mentor who enjoys nothing more than to share his personal experiences and the lessons he’s learned along the way. His storytelling skills will make you laugh, cry and reflect wholeheartedly on your own life and ambitions.

Today Terence calls Brisbane, Australia home and continues to travel and enjoy the world around him.  

Looking to upgrade you career, or perhaps reinvent yourself?
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