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Adventures begin where plans end…

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Envision your journey through photos from my recent adventures.

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Terence published his first book in 2014 based on a series of non-fictional stories of his life in Australia.  His second, published in 2018 is an ode to his love of Italy.  This beautifully shot coffee table book features the photography from his many travels in Italy.  His enthusiasm and passion for writing has drawn more than 750,000 readers and listeners from around the world to his books, weekly essay and podcast series.  Check out his books in the bookstore and links to his media in the navigation bar on the website.


Terence is an enthusiastic and passionate coach ready to mentor and guide you into the life you’ve always wanted.  His reflective approach helps you identify and target what’s important to you, identify your strengths and areas for development, then support you as you develop and prioritize your objectives and timeframe. Providing inspiration and motivation to support you on your journey of self-discovery is pivotal in his coaching style.


Terence’s creative talents have been featured in exhibitions in Australia, the United States and Canada.  As a professional photographer, his ability to capture exceptional imagery coupled with an eye for composition and light have enabled him to sell his photography globally.  Today Terence is based in Brisbane, Australia and is available for shoots.  Contact Terence for his availability. 


Terence uses his personal journey from childhood poverty to becoming a partner in one of the world’s most prestigious consulting firms, before giving it all away to start again and live life on his terms.

As a champion of change with a focus on living your best life Terence shares his “ah-ha” moments, insights and learnings gleaned over the course of his life to get you thinking about the art of the possible in your life.  Be ready to laugh, cry and reflect…


Terence has delivered value to a large number of global clients over the course of his 30-year career. His pragmatic approach coupled with his breadth of skills, knowledge and experience span continents and industry verticals.

Focused primarily on technology centric transformational journeys specifically around program delivery and organizational effectiveness make him and invaluable resource to have at your side.  His clients include – AT&T, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Best Buy, Royal Bank of Canada, Celestica, the Hudson’s Bay Company (Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor) and Holt Renfrew.  Contact Terence for his availability.



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  • All in … how about you?      Really loved it, Terence was very engaging.”  “Great speaker, really influential. Loved his talk, his personal journey. Games were fun but was really fast.”
    — RBC Mobility Team member
  • Terence is detail-oriented, has strong communication skills and continuously goes the extra-mile to provide quality service for his client and coworkers. Terence is obviously excited about his work and that enthusiasm makes his deliverables even more impressive.
    — Joanna Calabrese, Associate Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Working with Terence has been one of the best partnerships for our company as a whole, and for me personally - a true professional and expert in his field ... and a wonderful personality! 
    — David Long, Director of Sales, Enterprise Technology & Operations Radial
  • Terence is an outstanding leader who has a great ability to get to the heart of an issue and also takes a strong interest in the people working with him.
    — John Thomson, SVP Application Development Hudson’s Bay Company
  • "Terence Wallis has done a fine job of condensing his prolific and widely read blog posts into a well-edited series of stories. Written as a tribute to his father these tales provide a lasting tribute for Wallis' two children…This is storytelling at its finest - interesting, compelling, inspiring, and often laugh-out-loud funny. Wallis' entertaining labour of love is not to be missed."
    — Dana P Lafarga, Book Review


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