Singapore has an incredible restaurant scene, even after midnight many of the street cafes and restaurants are doing a roaring trade.

The most famous iconic image of Singapore is the Merlion situated on Marina Bay.

The view from the observation deck of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. A simply beautiful architectural gem…

Sir Stamford Raffles was the British East Indian administrator and founder of the port city of Singapore in 1819. The Raffles hotel is one of the most iconic hotels in the world. So when in Singapore you have to visit the Long Bar and enjoy it’s signature drink – the Singapore Sling.

The beautiful Gardens by the Bay from the viewing deck of the Marina Bay Sands hotel.  In the distance is the busy port of Singapore.

A large and vibrant Chinese population have inhabited Singapore since its founding back in 1819.

Singapore has a lot to offer the traveller. A reminder that it’s close to the equator so hot and humid for much of the year. Bring an umbrella to protect your from the sun and tropical showers.