It feels like I’ve already lived a big life, and I’m still only halfway!  🙌🏼

A life full of adventures and experiences that many people will never have the opportunity to have, and so feel both grateful and fortunate.

The past decade has been intention based, and what I mean by this is that my intention was to live a life full of travel and exploration, while at the same time pursuing my creative talents.

This I believe has been a roaring success!  ❤️

Up until this point in my life I just bumped along without any real intention as to how and what I wanted in my life.  However, as soon as I began to look inwardly and change my thinking a whole new life opened before me.

I’m grateful for the life I’ve chosen to make, and that’s why I always encourage others to take a similar journey and create the life that was meant for them.

I realize there is no single formula for this, but I sense at the heart of living a life on your terms is deciding what you want to be important in your life.  Once you’ve made this difficult decision then a path opens so that you can fulfil your dream.

However, if I hadn’t made self-reflection a priority and begun to follow my heart as to fulfilling my dreams then none of this would have happened…

It’s fortunate that I had the epiphany when I did and that I chose a new path forward.

Life seems to have come to me in a way that even I hadn’t expected.   Not only with my travel and adventures, but also with the opportunities for work and the roles that have presented themselves in the timeliest manner to make everything just flow.

It is important for me to relax and not force each of these aspects of my life, but to continually see myself living my best life and let these opportunities come to me.  ❤️

Admittedly not easy for someone with an “A type” personality like me, but here I am.  As living proof that you can do it.

Part intention, part relaxation and believing that it will all turn out for the best!

I know there will be some that will pooh, pooh this notion and write me off as a loon, with crazy and fanciful thoughts and beliefs that mean nothing in the real world.   Yet here I am… doing all the things that my intentions had been set on.

Not many dreamers alone have had the opportunity to write and publish two books, travel to and explore 60 countries while holding down senior positions with some incredible companies and raise two amazing kids… then up and move countries.

On a walk last week with Zach before he left for his trip to Florida we got onto the topic of life and how important it is to set an intention.

As I related to him, when choosing a place in Australia with the perfect climate and location I was already seeing my life in the future, and rather than pushing to find any house I decided to let the house choose me.

I know it sounds weird, but during our house hunting activities, which spanned some three months after the kids, and I made the decision to relocate back to Australia we must have looked at hundreds of houses in the designated area along the coast.

What stood out about the house on the Quay in Newport was that it had everything we wanted, just like a hundred or so others.  When we enquired about it with the agent, then everything just opened and fell into place seamlessly.

It literally sold itself to me and I completed the entire end to end process remotely without ever stepping foot inside or having a friend or family member visit it.  🙌🏼

Even the settlement just flowed…

All I had to do was literally show up and collect the keys and deed to the house when I arrived in Australia (post quarantine).  No fuss at all.

And just another example of how life comes to you if you let it…

I know from my discussions with many you that you thought I was crazy to buy a house a halfway round the world sight unseen, but I just believed that it would all turn out the way it was supposed to… I just allowed it to be.

Today I take great pleasure from the small things in life…

Listening to some New York jazz as I cook, a glass of Italian red by the pool or the smell of my fresh cut bouquet of flowers bring my great joy.  ❤️

I’m thankful for my life and excited to see what happens next with my intention.

I know that I’m living this life the way it’s supposed to be lived and in sync with the universe.

How about you?  Do you feel at peace and that you’re living life on your terms?  Living it based on your intentions for a great life?  And doing all the things that you’d hoped for and dreamed about?   If you are then I applaud you – congratulations!

If not and feeling like life is passing you by then perhaps it’s time to set your intention.  Be warned… it will be years in the making so no quick fix!

Are you ready to start the journey?   My advice is to begin by reading the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. ❤️ 🙌🏼

Until next week