Someone asked me recently if I ever got sick of travelling…   No seriously they did!  How do you respond to that?  

I mean really…it’s me they’re talking to.  Travelling is my lifeblood; it’s the thing, other than Zach and Sami that gets me up in the morning.  

I’m not sure if I have a favourite part of travelling, I’m just as excited at the prospect of planning a new adventure as much as I am of embarking on it.  Fortunately for me Judy is always up for an adventure as well and a fabulous travel partner!

I’ve always had a very fertile imagination, which was developed at an early age and quickly refined into an art form.  

I guess in it was a form of escapism, as often I’d sit as a child wishing I were always somewhere else rather than where I was at that moment.  

My imagination was formed in the crucible of poverty and alcohol abuse that surrounded me as a child growing up.  I would often retreat into my imagination whenever I felt like I needed to be somewhere else, which to be honest was quite often.  

I just wanted to shut out the sounds of constant arguing which was the day-to-day soundtrack of my life.  My escape was often finding solace in the images of far away and exotic lands.  A place where I could be in control of the story line…

I still remember reading a discarded National Geographic magazine from January 1962 sometime during my formative years, which had a photo expose of Hong Kong in it.  

This single magazine captivated me with the vibrant colours of Hong Kong and teased my imagination to the point of distraction. I longed to be in Hong Kong, strangely I can still see the deep colours in my mind’s eye…even today.  

And so began my hunger for images and stories which would transport me from the “here and now” to another place in my head.

A place that had no conflict or anger, where alcohol wasn’t served, and you weren’t surrounded in the blue haze of second-hand cigarette smoke…  

There were times when I contemplated running away from home…

Like many kids who go through this phase the reality of leaving is such a tall order that I found myself frozen and unable to do much beyond contemplating it. 

I couldn’t get beyond the basic questions… How will I survive by myself?  Where would I stay?  How would I get money to live?  

When you evaluate the situation on those terms the reality of your situation strikes home, and you’re stuck.  

Leaving home was hard enough when I got accepted into university at 17, but if nothing more it was an opportunity to fulfill that dream albeit a few years late.

My thirst for travel and adventure came hand in hand with my need to get to where I was going; I always seemed to be in a hurry.  

Even to this day I’m still not a big fan of dawdling, and it’s only in recent years that I’ve been able to slow down sufficiently to “smell the roses”. 

It’s literally taken my whole life to be okay with taking my time to accomplish things. 

Sometimes I still catch myself rushing to the next adventure without fully taking in what’s right before me.  I guess I’m still a work in progress on that front…

A feeling of excitement courses through my veins when I’m planning a trip, and think of little else for days leading up to it.  It’s pure heaven!

By the time I get to the airport its a mix of excitement and nervous energy. 

Seriously, there is no better feeling that walking down that jet bridge to a waiting plane.  All the while smiling to myself as I embark on another awesome life experience!

I often reflect on all the trips I’ve taken, both alone and with Zach and Sam… such incredible memories!

With the Canadian Thanksgiving just passed I recall a trip the three of us made over the same weekend to Los Angeles about 7 years ago.

Sam decided on the location for this trip and wanted to go see the Hollywood sign, walk along Hollywood Boulevard, and hang out with the movie stars on Rodeo Drive and Malibu…  

I had booked us into a hotel quite close to Venice beach which was an eye-opening experience for them both, Venice is to be experienced at least once in your lifetime as it’s quite the “slice of life” if you know what I mean.

They both loved the California vibe, Zach scouring the record stores for new vinyl, while Sam and I people watched and soaked up the brilliant sunshine and beach!

I will never get sick of travelling and exploring the world around me, cos each experience contributes to making my life so rich and memorable.

So many places to go, so many places to see…   

Until next week