The Mong Kok markets in Hong Kong’s busy Kowloon.  Coming to here is a slice of life, the food is amazing and the color and vibrancy is unmatched!

Bustling Victoria Harbour with sensational views of Hong Kong island taken from the Star ferry.  This is one of the true delights of visiting Hong Kong, I always take the ferry as there’s so much to see.

One of the great advantages of Hong Kong is that all the signs are also in English, especially for those of us linguistically challenged (yes, that would be me), and therefore incredibly easy to navigate your way around amazing metropolis.

Nothing like taking a morning hike along the Dragon’s Back trail on Hong Kong Island for the gorgeous views of the coastline and surrounding islands.

Hong Kong also has an eclectic population with every race and nationality represented – it’s the melting pot of Asia!

Lots of trendy bars and restaurants along Hollywood road on Hong Kong Island, with incredible asian-fusion delights to tease your taste buds.

A tourist junk on Victoria Harbour with its traditional square sails and unique shape.

I loved the old Prosperity Steamship Company sign that still hangs over the street – quite a blast from the past.  I’m thinking the 1930’s, quite a bit of nostalgia in and around Hong Kong.

I noticed all of the buildings under construction were scaffolded with bamboo…   Yes, can you imagine working on a bamboo scaffold 40 stories up?