We need more love and compassion in the world as it feels as though it’s take a turn for the worse in recent times.

I think we’re hardest on ourselves…well, I know I am at least.  I find myself feeling mired in all the crap that surrounds us in life, and have been really trying to take that emotional step back and breath.  I can’t control what others will think of me or how they treat me, the only constant is that I need to be mindful of how I treat myself – ultimately with love and respect, knowing that I’m trying everyday to be the best person I can be.

Now, some might view this as 21st century distractions, but in reality the only person who I have to ultimately care about (other than Zach and Sami) is me and my personal well being.  Perhaps this comes off as selfish, and to be sure it is in a way.

As you mature, this realization permeates your thinking in a profound way…well it has for me at least.  I don’t need to constantly prove myself to anyone else, I don’t have to be held on a pedestal, nor do I want to by the way.  🙂  I’ve also come to realize that having a fancy job title means zilch in the grand scheme of things and that the two most important things after my kids are my health and my state of mind.

I’m always asking myself – “am I really doing the things that I’m passionate about?”  Of course, there is a fiscal reality to all of this unless you’re independently wealthy for which I am not.  However, that should not be a barrier to doing the things that ignite your passions.

For me travel is important, but some people might look at my lifestyle and say “well, it’s okay for him to travel the world but not so much for me – I can’t afford it”.  Who says travel has to be about exotic overseas travel?

In fact the past two weekends I’ve had an incredible time exploring my own city both on foot and on public transport.  Walking more than forty kilometers exploring various neighbourhoods of the city and having a fantastic time doing it.  As if I’m seeing it for the very first time…  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to travel – imagine, just for a moment that you visited a part of town that you’ve never been before, perhaps a local farmer’s market, or a street that you’ve never walked before these new experiences are what life’s all about.

As part of nurturing my health – both physical and mental I’ve been practicing yoga which I’ve come to really appreciate both because of the physical goodness that an incredible stretch can do for your body but also for the place that it allows you to be in your mind.  For me it’s all about looking inwards while I’m at yoga, in fact most of the exercises i find myself doing with my eyes closed just to experience the feeling…in particular my breathing and calm state of mind that it elicits.

Yes, like anything else it can be addictive but I could think of a lot worse things to be addicted to…right!

As you know without your health then all bets are off.  I have a saying that I like to use when I joke with friends after they offer me something super decadent or sweet “hey, my body’s a temple, not a playground!”  Which is usually met with sustained giggles and laughter.  Glad everyone can see the funny side of that!

I’ve also decided to let all the negative feelings go and not get caught up in what others think of me, particularly of late and the incredibly hurtful things that have been published…none of which are true by the way, but you already knew that!  🙂

Apparently it’s easier for people to be jealous and mean spirited, particularly in an age of social media where anonymity is the norm and allows the worst in people to float to the top without any repercussions. Seemingly anyone can comment and judge you without any foundation or knowledge of who you are or what you stand for…

It’s been a good reminder that others may want to bring you down with their negativity and make you want to retreat from life and generally upset you just for their pleasure.  Well, ultimately it’s up to you and whether you choose to let them creep into your psyche and make you second guess the life you’ve created for yourself.  I’ve made a conscious decision to not let them change the way I live my life and to continue to be the best person I can be.

All I’m saying is that Karma can be a bitch – if you know what I mean!

For those that know me and what I stand for, you’ll understand, and for those who want to judge me without knowing who I really am…well its your loss not mine. I continue to consciously surround myself with like minded and positive individuals who I admire and care about, this is my number one priority!

Well, I guess I’m done with this week’s rant but as you know I’ve always been a big proponent of saying it out loud, which as you know is a big part of the process of moving on…

My parting words for this week – remain passionate, pursue your dreams and above all stay open to love and understanding and give freely to those that you care about.

Changing the world in which we live starts and ends with each of us individually – we can choose to live a positive life and therefore influence others around us in a meaningful way, just as we may choose not to.  It’s totally up to us!

I’m consciously choosing a positive approach to living – you turn!  🙂