Can you believe that it’s already mid November?

There are a couple of things that this time of years brings.  Firstly, its an opportunity for me to shortlist the places i want to travel to and explore next year.  Hhhmmm, so many places and so little time…

So here is my list for 2018, starting in no particular order starting with Japan, Morocco, Bali, Alaska and of course no year can be complete without adding Italy!  🙂

I’ve always had a distant curiosity about Japan, and in particular the “Old Japan”.  Not so much on the modern Tokyo and other big cities, but more rural and off the beaten path locales within this fascinating country.  I’ve always been curious about the culture and customs of Japan.  So to really get to the heart of stay like this I want to stay in small Ryokan (traditional Inn) and explore.  Not sure how practical this is, given that I have no Japanese language skills to speak of, but as you know that’s never stopped me in the past.

Even as a young boy growing up in rural Australia I had dreams of traveling across the Sahara desert on a camel and scaling the heights of the Atlas mountains, I’m drawn to the incredible scenery and vibrant bazaars of cities like Marrakech along with the rugged beauty of this ancient land. Much like Japan, I’d definitely want to stay more locally in a Riad which is a mud brick house and akin to the Ryokan of Japan.  I have local tour guide organized once I settle on dates so trying to plan for the best time of year to visit.

I have a good mate, who I used to share a house when I lived in Darwin back in the mid 1980’s who married a local woman from Bali and now lives in one of the most idyllic islands in the world.  As you can imagine a trip to Bail can’t be just for a week…nope, this is a trip where I’d want to really settle in and immerse myself in the Balinese culture.

To give you a little background Rodney and I were both Phys.Ed teachers back in the day and have stayed in contact since our days in Darwin, and he’s been wanting me to visit for sometime…and I’m thinking that 2018 is going to be the year.

Of course, if I go to Bali then I’d want to stop off in Vietnam to visit as well.  I had one of the best trips of my life to rural Vietnam back in 2014, and have a list of places that I haven’t visited yet that would be incredible if I could weave a trip together that included this magical country as well. 

I have another mate who now lives in Hanoi and would want to drop in for a visit as well…  I need to write some more episodes for my semi erotic thriller “Hanoi Posting” so this by itself is enough to make me what to add it to any trip to Asia!

See what I mean, I start my preliminary planning and before I know it I’m thinking about a 6 – 8 week adventure right out of the gate…  Really???

Another of the places I want to visit is Alaska, to experience its sheer natural beauty.  In fact, I was even thinking of trying to slip it in this year before my trip to China with Sami at Christmas.  Could definitely be the site of a November four day flip.  Hhhmmm…yes, I may have been seriously looking at this already but if it doesn’t work this year then next year I’d want it on my shortlist for sure.

Many of my travel destinations come from my childhood and the best part is that I’m finally getting an opportunity to live and explore all of the places on my list.  I realize I’m very fortunate, but also very committed to making these long standing dreams come to life for me and wherever possible.

One of my favourite questions to pose to people is “if time and money were no object where is the one place you go tomorrow?”  I love unearthing each person’s deepest travel fantasies and the reasoning and motivation behind it. Of course if they say it outloud then there is a much greater chance of them actually following through and living their fantasy.

I’m hoping that I’m a good influence and role model when it comes to following my passions.

We live this life once so why not?

I feel as though part of role in life is encouraging others to see possibilities of living a life on their terms.  Figuring out the barriers to fulfilling your dreams and embracing a life on your terms is not out of the reach of any one of us, but it does take courage and a commitment to make it come true.

A common theme of mine is that life is short and that there are no guarantees…and so more than ever I’m encouraging you to embrace this mantra of mine and take time for you to experience all that life has to give.

As you know it’s not about the big trips or the fancy holidays, but experiencing the important moments in life and appreciating them for the depth of feeling that they bring to you.  To love a little more, to hold a little longer, to breath a little more deeply…being in the moment is what’s important.

Here’s to your 2018 plan and all that it holds for you!

Need inspiration…let’s talk  🙂