So some big news this past week…my new book “Una Storia d’Amore (My love story) is due out shortly!  I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce it to you, I’ve had lots of great feedback on the cover design so now just waiting for the actual publish date.  🙂

I also want to extend a big thank you to all of those have pre-ordered my new book (with signature of course) – you’re awesome!.

This past year I set my two objectives, one was to publish a coffee table book and the other was to have an exhibition of my photography.  Now, if you are on any one of my social media channels other than this blog (feel free to find me and connect btw) you’ll know that I just made the announcement that the publish date is imminent…   Finally!

I started this process in January, yep it takes that long to work your way through the process especially when it took me four months just to curate the photos in a collection that I felt worthy of being highlighted in my new book.  I had to work my way through 30,000 images to select the two hundred or so that I finally used.  No mean feat as it’s all so personal and subjective, particularly cos’ I’m also the photographer – can you say bias?  🙂

Well, one thing I learned is that for my photo exhibition I’m going to use a professional curator to help me choose the even smaller number of photos.  A great lesson to learn albeit the hard way.

Once that was complete then I turned my attention to the editing and organization of the stories and images.  Even though the publisher is ready and able to help move you along the process, as an author you have to create a solid and well thought out draft before you do anything.

I decided to arrange the photos by region, after initially thinking I’d put them together free form.  It just seemed like a better idea to group them this way, so as a reader you could flip to your favourite regions…yes, Tuscany is well represented!

Then the next five months the book has been in the editing process.  Patience is a virtue in the publishing game!

Now, this leads me to my second objective for which I have not been able to finalize as my master plan is to launch my book with the photography exhibition.  Timing is a bugger, so plan B is to have my official launch party in the New Year when there is less pressure on everyone to attend given that December is crazy month for everyone.

This breathing space will allow me to get a professional curator help me choose the photos and get them ready for the opening, along with finalizing the exhibition space. Perhaps even holding a companion exhibition and book launch in New York City.  Hhhhmmm???

Let’s get the “by special invitation only” event sorted for the launch and opening in Toronto first before we take it on the road shall we…  🙂

Some might look at my ability to only achieve one of my two objectives as not so successful, but for those of you that have written and published a book you’ll know what a feat of arms it is.  It would have been great to hit both objectives, but that’s life.  Can’t sweat the small stuff, life’s too short to let it get you down.

I’ve also engaged a specialist to help me secure some book signings with Indigo (large bookstore chain), and perhaps open up some other doors for media exposure.  For my last book she was also able to get me on local morning TV show which was great so we’ll have to see what we can conjure up over the next few months leading up to the exhibition.

Officially launching the book at a special event is always nice – makes for an intimate affair with friends and special guests.  Some book signings, some wine and Hors d’Oeuvres while you mingle and check out the canvases…

It will be a fun night if nothing else.

So after these two objectives are done, I can already hear you saying “so what’s next?”  As you can imagine I already have a couple of ideas percolating.  One idea is to possibly turn my semi erotic serial “Hanoi Posting” into a book, or screenplay.  While I’ve never written a screenplay I already have the actors chosen in my head for the specific roles so this is a real possibility.  C’mon I have such a fertile imagination it’s impossible to not put real people into the roles…just sayin!

Another idea floating about is to write a book but this time focusing on my travel adventures, yes some rich stories there as well. Also depending on the success of the current coffee table book perhaps another coffee table photography book…just so many options, ideas and possibilities.  Don’t worry you’ll all be the first to find out about what’s coming next.

The most important part is that I set my bold objectives and went after it, truly not for the faint of heart as there are a ton of hurdles in setting goals like this and then publicizing them to the world.  Although to be honest I’m a huge proponent of doing just that cos’ now I’m committed to following through.

Stay tuned for the date when you’ll be able to buy my book.  You’ll be able to buy directly via the following channels, my publisher (Friessen Press) Indigo (Canada), Barnes & Noble (US), Ingram Wholesale and Amazon (global).  Plus you from one of these eChannels providers – iTunes, Kindle, Nook, Google Books and Kobo.

Lots to go around!  🙂