Warning:  This weeks story may a little too much to handle so approach reading it with care.  🙂

Its been a long few days…   Sam and her girlfriend were here for dinner on Thursday night and so I made BBQ pork shoulder with baked potatoes, steamed broccoli and gravy.  A delicious meal that we all enjoyed heartily with no leftovers – always a good sign!

Her girlfriends father picked her up at 9:30 and Sam continued to study in preparation for a paper that was due the next day and so around 10:30 I headed to bed, kissing her forehead and wishing her goodnight as she continued to work away at the dining room table.

The next thing I know she’s at my door saying that she’d been sick before dashing back down the hall to the bathroom where she continued to vomit and have an horrid case of diarrhea…simultaneously.  I checked my watch it was 3:00 am.

My poor girl was in a lot of distress as I tried to calm her fears, she’d never been sick quite like this before and I could tell she was feeling afraid as her insides continued to spasm in both directions…  I grabbed a face cloth from the linen cabinet and made a cold compress for her burning forehead, before holding her hair back as she continued to vomit and dry retch.

Its so distressing knowing that you can’t do anything to really help…

As I surveyed the bathroom it was not a pretty sight, reading my mind she said she was sorry about the mess, and I could tell she was more than embarrassed, but as I said to her “if this is the worst thing that I have to do in my life then its not so bad”.

Eventually her body stopped being racked by spasms so went to retrieve a new bath towel and t-shirt and shorts before she got into the shower.

After I got her back into her bed with a cold compress she was shivering with a fever, and so tucked her in under her duvet, before heading back to the bathroom to begin the clean up.  No sooner than I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom with disinfectant she was back ready for round two.

I felt so helpless, and the only thing I could do was hold her hair out of her face…

This pattern continued until 7:00 am, before her body had no more fluid to excrete, at which point I got her some water to sip and thankfully she fell asleep.

I showered and changed before heading out to work so that I could grab my computer and work from home, the beauty of my current contract is that its 15 min by train either way so I was home before she woke.

Over the course of the day Sam continued to be sick on and off, but now with longer intervals in between…not that there was much to bring up.  I made her some chicken consume at around 7:00 pm on Friday night and she was able to hold down a handful of sips.

And by lunchtime Saturday Sam was finally feeling better and asked if I could make a grilled cheese sandwich – finally back to normal. She said she still had a headache but her tummy had finally settled down

She had texted her girlfriend that had come for dinner on Thursday night but she had not been sick, nor had I so we put it down to a bug she had picked up somewhere.

I dropped her at her mum’s late on Saturday afternoon as she was well enough to go out with her girlfriends Saturday night.  Breathing a sigh of relief I headed home.

My Saturday was spent for the most part doing laundry plus cleaning and disinfecting the house from top to bottom.

As you can imagine I was dog tired and so went to bed quite early, around 9:30 pm (wow, I live an absolutely riveting life!)

Yep, that was before MY 3:00 am wake up call with the stomach flu…  Seriously I must have washed my hands 50 times in the prior 24 hours and used a few litres of disinfectant, plus wipes.  Clearly to no avail.

Crap!  My night followed a similar pattern to Sam’s.  I lost count of the number of times that I was in the bathroom…

As you know, men for the most part and might I say a well documented fact are the worst when they’re sick, more melodramatic that a 17 year old and sicker than anyone who’s live before…yep, that would be me!

Indeed, quite the forty eight hours…

It’s taken a few days to regain my energy levels and feel somewhat normal again (be nice!).  The gatorade helped initially but had no real appetite until mid week.  Simplest way I know to lose five pounds…not that that was what I was looking for, except that now my belt it doing up at least one notch tighter than last week.

I’m hoping that I can put that right in the coming day.  I was trying to remember the last time i had stomach flu, and to be honest I can’t remember…all I know is that is been quite some time.   Ah, I’m living the dream!

My only advice is wear gloves on the subway and wash your hands religiously.  Well, thats what I told Sam at least.

I definitely don’t want to experience that again any time soon.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled station…  🙂