I’m thoroughly convinced that it’s the simple things in life that are best. Not only reflecting and enjoying the moments but for me, it has an important double meaning…

The other side of the equation means also getting the simple things in life right.

Well, for me personally it’s aligning my personal values and ensuring that I’m true to these and living them everyday.

One that springs to mind – keeping promises. It sounds so simple, but living up to your own values and doing something as simple as keeping your promises for many can be a challenge.

This one in particular has always been a barometer of mine that measures my level of trust in someone. If someone makes a promise and breaks it, then unless there is a damn good reason my trust in them is irrevocably broken.

Some might call this hard, but for me it’s the cornerstone of my values.

Yeah, one chance. And I’d venture to bet that it’s the same for most of us. 🙂

How could I trust someone who breaks their word. Dad always used to say “a man is as good as his word”. No truer words spoken in my book…

Not only keeping your word, but following through is so important.

When I think about simple things I’m also reflecting on my own personal journey of self discovery and the things that have become so apparent to me.

Leaving the corporate world behind and starting my own business highlighted the need for self discipline. As an entrepreneur your day never seems to end…

Not that I’m complaining, far from it! In fact, you wouldn’t want it any other way because you control your destiny…

A great example is my writing, the simple things like consistency of your writing and publishing. If you want to be a writer then you have to write…a lot!

If you want to build an audience for your writing then the most important thing is to develop a cadence for publishing your work that you can stand by and keep.

For me personally this has been publishing my story every Friday night for almost eight years straight. Irrespective of where I am in the world or whatever I’m doing – I always publish on Friday nights. No matter what!

Yep, this means planning because if I’m on a plane Friday night then I need to have written, edited and pre-published it in advance so that it still goes out on time.

Consistency builds trust with your audience…much like my earlier statement about keeping your word.

I build trust through my consistency. My promise to you is that I will write and publish a story every week, always coming to you at a consistent time and day.

I guess that’s the only thing you can count on as my stories consist of an eclectic mix to be sure. One week childhood memories, the next travel stories then others are a smattering of life lessons…fun! 🙂

Sounds simple doesn’t it? It means writing and/or editing every night of the week. Not that it really matters as I personally like to write in one form or another, but can sometimes become a time crunch if you’re going on a long trip.

It’s all about the prep and planning ahead, which stems back to self discipline.

Sure, there are days that I don’t feel like writing or taking my camera with me, but in essence it’s these days that help me build self discipline…

Trust me it’s okay to take a break and recharge your batteries but it’s equally important to drive on your personal promises and deliver consistently.

All roads lead to commitment. 🙂

For this you don’t have to be a writer, entrepreneur or anything other than yourself to be committed to something that you value.

When I talk to people they often talk about their dreams, but few are able to articulate what success would look like or how they might make them come true.

Achieving your goals can elicit the most satisfying of feelings especially when you’ve put in the hard work and persevere to make it happen. 🙂

There is a difference in saying that I’d like to do or achieve something but quite another to etch it into the fabric of your very being and live it – day in, day out until you make it happen.

For me it’s all about putting my goals out there and telling others, before going out and making them come to life. I feel obligated if you know what I mean.

To me this is a bit like exercising your muscles…the more you do it (goal setting) the better you get at achieving them.

Some might call me driven, others crazy…and both likely right to some degree. Lol!

I’m happy as a clam when I have a big hairy goal in front of me that I’m working to achieve.

I know I wouldn’t have been able to publish either of my books if I hadn’t set these goals and been committed to seeing them through.

In my mind, unless you’re willing to work hard, stay focused and preserver it may be difficult to live up to your own potential.

And isn’t that what it’s all about? Living life on your terms up to your potential? Food for thought…

Until next week