The older I get the more I’ve come to trust my gut instincts. Although to be fair I’ve always followed them to varying degrees. In recent times (let’s say the last 8 years) its been total trust.

Have you ever had those situations where you just knew something wasn’t quite right, and it made you inherently hesitate?

Prime example of your gut instincts taking control…

Sometimes it might be in a first meeting with someone, or perhaps in a work situation or negotiation. Either it feels right or something doesn’t quite fit if you know what I mean.

Call it your sixth sense, but what ever it is I find it be a very powerful moment that makes me hesitate and check in on my gut.

Depending on the situation I’ve found it to be a very clarifying moment in time. I find that either way it then enables me to move forward unencumbered by doubt.

Feeling deep down I know that I’ve made the right decision.

You know exactly what I mean… If you take a step back I’m sure you’ve had similar inclinations.

Sometimes it can be a little muddy as on the surface everything looks just fine, but for some reason there is a tiny seed of doubt or an instinct is that is all is not what it seems.

It’s in these moments that you have to follow your gut.

Interestingly, after my marriage dissolved I felt that I had lost my inner confidence. It took me quite some time to come to terms with the fact that I could once again follow my gut instincts and move forward without second guessing myself.

I suppose in the larger scheme of things it was a natural reaction to the end of an important era in my life.

What I found fascinating (now with time as a barrier) is that how low my confidence had become.

I found it particularly noticeable during that first year as we went through the legal and financial separation.

But with every day that went beyond that first year milestone I slowly but surely began to gather my confidence again.

Strangely my inner voice had never deserted me, but had taken a back seat to my ex.

The impact was clear – trusting my gut had taken a pounding during my marriage.

I looked deep inside to try and understand why I let this happen?

For me once I had become a father things drastically changed, which is not a bad thing but somehow during that process I had lost my myself…

I had relinquished my voice in the relationship and therefore my confidence. Yeah, being ignored or overridden takes its toll…just sayin!

Clearly there is no one to blame but me.

Refinding my inner voice and following my gut instincts is not just a one time thing.

Being your own person and following your gut is vital in my opinion.

So many moments where I’ve gone with my instincts and only goodness has flowed.

A great example was when I decided to leave the corporate world, there were so many people who thought I was absolutely crazy. Why would you walk away from a perfectly great job (at least on the surface anyway).

It was in direct conflict with my core values for starters.

But deep down it was more than that, it didn’t allow me to be the person that I’d always wanted to be, especially the father I’d always wanted to be to Zach and Sam.

Nope, I had no intention of traveling all the time for business when I had the kids half time, but with an uncompromising employer its impossible…which left me no choice.

Literally everyone around me was aghast. How could you walk away from all that you have potentially in front of you.

Yes the “golden handcuffs“.

My gut was saying no…and the rest shall we say is history. Seriously I’ve never looked back!

As I’ve said before the universe truly has your back.

I freed myself from the shackles of fear, followed my gut and am living life on my terms.

With passion and whole heartedness!

There is no question that it takes courage to actually act on your gut instincts, and I’m certainly not professing that you jump into situations without truly examining all aspects and angles.

But to actually believe you have options is important. Don’t always accept things on face value, ask yourself the big question of “what if…”

One of my favourite sayings which is poignantly true is “no one gets out alive”, so what are you waiting for?

Truly I’m not sure on how much actual control we have on our lives, but everyday we get to choose how we live and on what terms.

There is no better time that to double down and follow your gut instincts.

I know I am!

Until next week