So I have big news! Are you sitting down? 🙂

I just sold my house in Toronto and have decided to move back to Australia.

I’ll let that sink in before I tell you the story of how I made this monumental decision.

I’ve been thinking living in a more temperate climate for many years now. And although I’ve lived in Canada for some 32 years I’d never really became friends with winter. Just sayin…

Sure I’d learned to skate and ski over the years.

When the kids were young we rented a condo in Ellicottville (Western New York state) and skied Holiday Valley. Skiing most weekends throughout the winter for the years we rented.

It was a mere 2:45 hour drive so super accessible on Friday nights after work. Fun days for sure!

Then after my separation and subsequent divorce the less I enjoyed the more than six months of winter.

No matter which was you cut it, the Canadian winter have never been my favourite time of year. It’s difficult when you grow up and spend all of your formative years in warmer environment.

I had assumed that I would acclimatise over time and appreciate it for its beauty and charm. Yeah, not so much!

And so when Sam was in her final year of High school I began looking (innocently enough) at houses in Australia.

Last summer, before she was about to embark on her University studies I broached the subject with both her and Zach.

At that time Sam was not keen on me moving to Australia when she felt she needed me most. Yes, like most of us she was anxious with the thought of starting her undergrad in a new city and all that goes with it.

At that point I dropped my search and resigned myself to the fact that my dreams of living in a more temperate climate would be five years hence once her degree was completed.

Fast forward to June this year, and her first year complete and her work term about to begin (she’s in a five year co-op program that includes studies and work terms) her first work term.

The kids asked me over dinner what I’d been doing over the weekend and I half jokingly replied that I’d been looking at houses in Australia. 🙂

I was expecting an eye roll but instead got from both of them a “what are you waiting for?” response.

Taken aback I reminded them of conversation we’d had just the year before…

Both were adamant that they thought it was a fabulous idea and that I should persue my dreams of moving to a warmer climate…especially Australia.

Since that time I narrowed my search in on a couple of areas in Australia, both in the state of Queensland (north Australia).

The first is just north of the Gold Coast and south of Brisbane in a small grouping of communities with Hope Island (love the name!), Commera and Helensvale at their core.

The second is just north of Brisbane on the aptly names Sunshine Coast. Again this centres on a number of seaside communities – Noosa, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Coolum Beach and Sunrise Beach.

This second area that I’m looking at is of particular interest given the proximity to miles and miles of golden sand beaches on the Pacific Ocean.

I know right! 🙂

In terms of climate it reminds me of San Diego in California. Winters are mild with an average high of 22C (72F) and the summer a balmy 28C (83F).

No question that it is muggy and humid in the summers (Dec – March) but boasting more than 200+ days of sunshine a year. I don’t know about you but it seems like the perfect place to relocate to.

Clearly, without the kids blessing I wouldn’t writing this post.

I’m sure you’re thinking so what happens to Zach and Sam in all of this?

Well, Zach is in his final year of his undergrad at McGill University in Montréal and looking to go to the UK next year to undertake his Masters degree in History.

He’s applying for both Cambridge (first choice) and Oxford.

Super exciting news and given his high grade point average, and published essay (Yale Review) plus other literary works put forward for awards.

We’re both optimistic. 🙂

Once he’s completed his year in the UK he’s decided that he wants to come to Australia to complete his PhD in Australian History – most likely at ANU (Australian National University) in Canberra.

Sam is planning to come to Australia and study remotely from her new home base once entry is possible.

As you can imagine there is lots to do with the house closing November 18th and me flying November 20th. So far, so good…

The house is in a bit of a chaotic state at present as I’ve begun packing and getting ready for the big move.

Don’t worry I’ll still be writing and publishing each week, just with a more sunny climate to do it from.

Plus the added bonus of me writing about my observations, travels and experiences of learning to be Australian once again.

Until next week