Why is personal change so difficult?  I’ve pondered this question many times over the years and now understand that the inertia of life is sometimes just too difficult to overcome.

For many of us life is okay, it’s neither great nor bad and never quite enough for us to take action and change our circumstance.  This is what I call the inertia of life.

It’s a place where we float along at the edge of life, neither happy nor sad – our comfort zone.  It’s also a place where we often wait for life to come to us, rather than us go after it.

Unfortunately for those caught up in the inertia of life it’s often impossible to see…

We’re just too close to see or understand it.

I know that when my kids were babies, infants, toddlers, and pre-teens I was in this zone and is what consumed my life, with little time for me personally.

The kids were the priority during these years and thus I expended all of my time, energy, and focus.

Trust me I loved every moment of being a big part a dad… and now enjoy incredible relationships with my now adult children.

It’s true that depending on the phase of life you’re in dictates what we want and where we focus out time.

However, once I was beyond this phase of life, I realized that I had neglected my own personal needs.

Over their ensuing teenage years my time I spent less time with them, which is natural cos what teenager wants to hang out with their parents.  Lol!

It was during this time that I had my big epiphany or “ah-ha” moment…

This moment helped me see that the inertia of life was just a part of life, and that it didn’t have to be forever.  I realized that it was okay to look beyond this phase and see how I wanted to live my life.

Clearly, an important phase but also just a phase.

It was at this juncture that I committed to living life on my terms, not worrying what others thought of me and my life choices and so surrendered myself to the universe and went with the flow.

An important note is that this should never be confused with sitting on your hands and waiting for life to come to you.

No far from it!

I knew I wanted a life full of adventures and living a life that enabled me to bring my creativity and passions to the fore.

More importantly it helped me find the mental and emotional space to lay the groundwork for me to create my own business.

It motivated me to get out of my inertia of life moment and begin building a new life.  One that fit me rather than me fit into everyone else’s concept of living a life.

I was way outside my comfort zone but knew deep in my heart that this was absolutely the right path for me.

For me personally I’ve become addicted to living a life on my terms… a place where no two days are the same and adventure potentially lurks around every corner!

Over the years many people have seen my adventurous spirit as a threat or in a negative light.  This is especially true for those that are scared at the thought of living this type of life.

Others might see this as a form of restlessness or being unfulfilled in some way and try and influence you to change and live life the way they see it should be lived.

Eek!  Thanks, but no thanks!

I realize that not everyone is geared for this type of adventurous life, and that’s okay.  Each of us have to live our lives on our own terms.

Life is made up of thousands of moments and experiences, and you can either wait for them to come to you or you can actively pursue them.

I’m sure you’re thinking so what would I need to live life like this?

Here are a few points to reflect on:

  • Mindset is everything.  Are you open to new ideas, concepts and ways of living your life.
  • Emotionally and mentally breaking free of the life you’ve become accustomed to will be your biggest challenge.
  • Being in the moment and open to trying new things.  Spontaneity means that no two days are the same.
  • Adventures, big and small will find you if you’re open to them.  Going with the flow is important.
  • Full committed to living life on your terms.
  • Not caring what others think of you and your life choices.
  • Choose love and happiness – every day!

This is a great starting list to think about.

Meaningful and last change must come from within.  I’ve found that external sources don’t stick, if you know what I mean.

So, I challenge you to take a step back and decide what you want in your life?  Are you constricted by the inertia of life or are you willing to change it up and rethink what you want in life.

Remember, think big!

Until next week