I recently resigned from a role I had been working at for the past 9 months, the reason was all tied in with my ability to give my best…

I felt that the environment didn’t allow me for a host of reasons to bring my very best each and every day.

Over the course of my working career, I’ve been fortunate to work with some great companies, many of which allowed me to bring my personal creativity and panache to the role.

The ability to bring your best each and every day is critical to living a happy and productive life.

Not only should we always strive to find an environment that nurtures you and your unique skill set and capabilities but also supports and recognizes the value that your bring.

One thing I’ve learned is that life is too short to not bring your best, nor feel like you’re making a difference.

Many might think I’m crazy to leave, but for the majority of you that know me you’ll understand.  I’m never going to compromise when it comes to the quality of life that I strive to live.

Being unable to help fix an inherently broken system was too much in the end…. clearly, I needed to have this experience to remind me of what is important in life.

I also feel that this experience tested my personal resolve to living my best life.  It reminded me that life is short and that you don’t have to be discouraged or miserable in a role that’s not a good fit for you.  🤔

This now frees me up to see what the universe has instore for me.  I have faith that it will provide new opportunities for me to bring my experience and creativity to bear.  ❤️

Click on this link to Gabriella Bernstein’s book – The Universe has your back.  There were some great nuggets in the book that really resonated with me… not all of them, but many.

I realize that I have a different point of view to many people but that’s okay.  I’ve come to accept that living life on my terms isn’t for everyone.

If my mum and dad were alive, they would of shuddered with the thought that I’d left a perfectly good job (not the first time by the way) for the unknown.

They grew up in an era where job satisfaction wasn’t a thing.   Sure, it was great if you liked what you did but wasn’t central to the way you lived your life.

In fact, for the large part they believed that you endured life and that if you had moments of happiness, albeit fleeting, then you were lucky, but it definitely wasn’t a given right to be happy.

Quite the reverse from the way I think… 😁

We spend so much time working, the least we can do is find something that allows us to enjoy what we do and to bring our best every day.

For many people leaving a job is a scary proposition and one that many would dread.  But spending forty to sixty hours a week doing something that we don’t enjoy is counterproductive and unhealthy.

Staying in a job like this comes with added stress and frustration which often leads to other issues including depression or addictions to help you compensate.

I realize there is an economic reason to work but staying in a job that saps your life and destroys your spirit isn’t worth it.

The reality is that we all have a finite amount of time in this physical life, why not pursue things that allow you to enjoy the journey?  ❤️

For me I’m embracing this change as a positive moment and looking forward with excitement at the future.

Just so you know I’m not sitting here expecting things to happen while I twiddle my thumbs…

Far from it!  I’ll be researching and working on new ways to bring my creativity and strengths to bear, including more work with Indelible Adventures Media.  ❤️

But as you know I like to spread my talents and look at multiple streams of work at once.  Even though I’ve been told on many occasions that I can’t do it I continue to defy the odds and live outside the box everyone wants to place us in.

“You can only do one thing…”

I’m living proof that you can be and do what you choose as long as you have the focus, perseverance, and self-belief to make it happen.

Remember, it all starts with you!

Often, we find ourselves in a job that eats up all of your time and energy, thus robbing you of pursuing (even if on a part time basis) your dreams.

You, and only you control your destiny.  You get to decide each and every day how to live your best life.  ❤️

As for me stay tuned to see what the next chapter brings cos, I have every confidence that it will be awesome and amazing.

Until next week!