This week we’re about to embark on our anniversary tour.  Although I must admit that I find it almost incomprehensible that Judy and I were married a year ago…

Where did the time go???

As you know normally, I would surprise her, but given that it was going to be our anniversary.  I thought better of this approach and began planning our adventure together.

Okay, so I gave her some options for a weekend away in terms of a location, but then planned all the small details to surprise her.

Yes, we both love a good surprise!

We decided on Adelaide as it’s one of the cities in Australia that Judy hasn’t visited yet.  After this adventure only two more capitals to explore.

Arguably Judy has seen more of Australia than many Australians, especially after our epic road trip to Victoria combined with lots of weekend getaways.

To give you some context Adelaide is the fifth-largest city in Australia and the capital city of South Australia.  It’s located on Australia’s southern coast it’s known for the beautiful beaches, Mediterranean climate, and laid-back lifestyle.

The “city of churches” as its often referred to in Australia is surrounded by rolling hills and located close to the world-renowned wine regions, of the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale.

Not unlike Australia’s equivalent of Napa.

Clearly a lot to see and do!

We’re flying on Thursday night so by the time you’re reading this we will be enjoying our adventure. Actually, Adelaide is only a 2.5-hour flight from Brisbane so we’ll be in at a reasonable time.

If we had decided to drive it would have taken us around 22 hours through some beautiful but arid and desolate country with deserts and dirt roads to contend with.

Yeah – nah!   At least this time around.

Flying is the only way to go when travelling across most of Australia due to the vast distances and time required to get from place to place.

I chose an upscale boutique hotel in the city, and close to the Botanic gardens for our first night.  Fortunately, with Adelaide and like most Australian cities the airport is relatively close to the city center.

On Friday after a leisurely brekkie, we’ll make our way up to Rowland Flats.

Nope, it’s not an apartment but a small town in the Barossa Valley.

The drive up to Rowland Flats is only an hour so there is no rush.  Perhaps we’ll explore a gallery or two in the city before we make our way north.

Given my childhood I’m not one to rough it in terms of accommodations so I booked us into a resort hotel from where we can explore the various vineyards.

Yeah, I know I’m a creature of luxury…

Nothing but the best for my beautiful wife, especially on our anniversary tour!   Note my attempt at playing for brownie points!   Lol.

So, we have a couple of vineyards on our radar that we’re going to visit.

In fact, by the time you read this we will have already visited the Turkey Flats vineyard.

This boutique vineyard is nestled in the heart of the Barossa, but the reason I chose it was because of its approach to winemaking.   Check out the link to get more info.

Nothing better than to relax with a glass of wine and a cheese platter and contemplate our blessings.  I much prefer the smaller boutique vineyards, of which there are many in this area.

Each Saturday morning there is the Barossa Valley Farmers Market at Angaston.  I can’t wait to see what they have on offer, but I’m sure it’s going to be incredible!

Then I’ve also enquired to have private wine tour for just the two of us with the head winemaker at Seabrook Vineyard on Saturday over lunch.

Again, I chose Seabrook because of its rich history and generational ownership (now in its sixth generation).  The vineyard was first created in 1874, and over the years has both prospered and endured hardships (mostly weather related).

It would be amazing to walk the vineyard with Hamish (owner) and explore the cellar in such an intimate setting.

Fortunately, we have a long weekend on Monday, so we’re stretching our weekend into a super long one.

Sunday will see us drive down to Mount Lofty in the Adelaide hills for the next phase of our anniversary tour adventure.

This was another part of the trip where I consulted Judy (she doesn’t know about the vineyard tours) was the activities around our stay at Mount Lofty House.  This romantic guest lodge has been a part of fabric of the Adelaide Hills since 1852.

I booked us the Piccadilly Room with the garden view for our last night on our adventure.   Although I had one more surprise up my sleeve…

The Gatekeepers Day Spa at nearby Crafters is an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.  Nothing like a little extra pampering!

Judy is booked in for a facial while I’m getting a deep tissue massage.

It’s been way too long since I had a deep tissue massage and so really looking forward to experience.

Until next week