Emerald beach sits on the New South Wales north coast near Coffs Harbour.  It is a truly magical place with almost perfect weather all year round, but what was most stunning were the wild kangaroos that on the beach and grazing on the headlands.

Emerald Beach on the New South Wales north coast, so much beach and so few people.

Surfers on Emerald beach

Great waves on Emerald Beach, a surfer dives under a waves as he makes his way out to catch his morning ride.

Alpha male overlooking his mob

The alpha male kangaroo relaxes as his mob graze nearby on the headland at Emerald Beach.

Grazing kangaroos

A wild mob of grazing kangaroos on the headland at Emerald Beach.

Learning about kangaroos

Learning about how to live with kangaroos.

Check out a story I wrote recently about this beautiful part of the world, Sapphire beach is adjacent to Emerald Beach.  Enjoy!

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