Redefined!  For those who don’t know me they may look at my lifestyle, and think that my life is luck, or perhaps I’m  “a trust fund baby”…


That one gets me every time I have to tell you because if they only knew the real story…

Yeah, the exterior can be deceiving.

I suppose for the most part you only see what I want you to see – the part that is successful and has the world at his feet.

However, what you don’t see are the countless hours each day and night, with the extremely early mornings where I need to fit in a ton of tasks and activities before my day gets going.

Clearly boundless energy and a deep desire to be successful are essential.

Trust me I couldn’t be more content!

These aren’t meant as complaints but the reality of every business owner who strives to be the best at what they do.

As a single parent I know I’m fortunate, as not only do I have two fabulous kids who are bright, well mannered and easy to get along with, whom some might say is a bit of an anomaly considering they’re teens, but along with that I’ve have created a lifestyle that you could only dream about.

Do I have lots of money…no, do I live in a large fancy house or mansion…no, or have lots of toys (okay to be honest I have a really nice car – yes, my guilty pleasure) but other than that not so much.

Creating a business model where I can do this has been fun and now I’m getting to live the life I’ve always wanted – full of travel and doing the things I’m passionate about…sounds like contentment.

Isn’t that all what we strive for?

I guess my priorities since the end of my marriage have been shaped by my deep desire and yearning to create life where I can travel, with or without my kids a few times per year.

The second part is to have flexibility in my life so that I can do this seemingly whenever I choose – yes, on my terms.

A great example of this is the numerous trips I’ve taken this year.

When you add them up it comes to 12 weeks of travel this year alone if you include my upcoming trip to Italy over Christmas, and already have a slew of trips planned for 2017.

Some of these are fully baked and paid for, others semi planned but in the coming months they will get finalized.  A pick list:

  • January – Italy
  • February – New York City (with Sami to make up for not being able to come to Boston)
  • March – Iceland (March break with the kids)
  • May – California
  • July – Israel (with Zach to watch Sami compete at the International Maccabiah Games)
  • August – Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary (2 weeks backpacking with Zach)
  • September – Western Canada / North East US (depending on Craig & Audrey’s visit)
  • October – Morocco

My annual business planning goes hand in hand with my travel and so when I’m thinking about what I want my business to achieve next year I’m also thinking about the places I want to go and explore.

The focus is to continue to capture via the lens and the pen the essence of my travel, primarily so that I can continue to build out my portfolio of photography but also capture these adventures in future stories, essays and articles that I want to write and publish.

What I’m really excited about is my website.

Firstly, I want to create a one-stop shop for all my photography, blogs including a store where you’ll be able to buy with the click of a button some of my hi-res photos, books etc.

Perhaps over time expand my offerings to provide other essential travel items and fun stuff.  Time will tell I guess.

In addition, it will be a place for me to share my new travel videos that I plan to pilot while I’m in Italy and also give you options in terms of booking me for speaking engagements, executive coaching and consulting.

Yes, it’s going to be awesome!

Even if my web design company says so, no seriously I’ve been working with the team on the wire frames and developing content and getting closer with each week.

As well, I’ve even engaged a couple of part timers who will be focusing on developing and managing my social media campaigns and online presence via other channels, so all in all its going to be a fantastic start to 2017.

Stay tuned for more tidbits as we get closer to launch.

Until next week!

Ciao ciao!