So, I’m incredibly proud to announce that this past week I completed the initial manuscript for my second book and submitted it to my publisher.

When I told an acquaintance they asked me how I found the time to write another book while traveling, consulting, photographing (literally everything that moves!  Lol) and spending time with Zach and Sami.

Great question!

Growing up in a rural setting or the “bush” as we’d say in Australia it is clearly a far different experience that growing up in a city or even a large town. It seems like life lessons came thick and fast at an early age and that you accepted all that was presented to you on face value, interpreting and synthesizing as you went.

I distinctly remember watching how hard my dad worked at his various jobs, and whether it be for himself or someone else it was irrelevant as his approach and work ethic were identical.  He was always “full on” and focused with the sole aim of being considered reliable and someone who you could depend on.

What this instilled in me was an incredibly strong work ethic…

I’ve always tried to emulate him over the course of my many jobs and careers (I might of had a few…just sayin!), and especially with Indelible Adventures Inc.  Strangely, like most entrepreneurs I tend to work incredibly long hours without hesitation because its all about fulfilling your vision for the business which subsequently allows you to do the things in life that you love, so it’s never a burden.

In addition, another great strategy that I’ve used successfully is that to accomplish a goal, no matter how big or small you have to say it out loud for others to hear.  Once that’s done you now you own it…there is nowhere to hide, you’ve effectively painted yourself into a corner and the only way out is to go do what you said you would.  Simple really!

Earlier this year I announced that I was going to publish another book, and its taken four months to get the first draft submitted – I’m always surprised at how much work is involved in this process.  I guess once you’ve done it once you quickly forget about what’s actually required to get a book to market.  🙂

Now given my hectic schedule I had to be totally focused and worked most nights after dinner for at least 3 – 5 hours depending on the night, plus any time on weekends when I didn’t have the kids or was traveling.

Hence I spent a ton of time perched in front of my computer ploughing through tens of thousands of photos, slowly whittling them down to a manageable number to work with.  Even once I’d done that I was far from done…significantly more curating was required to get it down to less than 200 photos.

That was the easy part…no seriously!

I was then faced with the monumental task of remembering where I took each photo and cataloguing them in a way I could use for the book, which may sound like a piece of cake except that with so many photos after a while they all begin to meld into one large stream of consciousness.

During that process I also began writing the descriptions for each photo, it took me back in many cases to the day I took the photo, where I was, and what I recalled from that shoot.  I can tell you it was a lovely walk down memory lane and although a long process it was really fun!

The manuscript now goes into the initial editorial review process…not sure how many re-writes or edits will be required, but at least a minimum of two full cycles of editing.

In addition, I’ll start work with the art department in terms of design, fonts, colors shortly.  This is the fun part of this process as I have a clutch of cool ideas, although we will have to see if what I have in my minds eye, in terms of “look and feel” actually comes to fruition.

All I’m saying is that my intent is to go for clean lines and a chic and minimalistic design – aren’t they always the best coffee table books?  I mean it has to be awesome!!

Trust me I hold no illusions as to having a best seller or making more money than it will actually cost to produce but at least I’ll be able to say I’ve published two books – each vastly different in nature, but with the similar golden thread whereby I’m looking to actively evoke emotions and an appreciation for the imagery and storyline.

Accomplishing your dreams takes guts, hard work and a stick-to-iv-ness that few have, and so feel fortunate that I’ve been able to create these two books, create my own destiny and live my dream.

Truly powerful stuff!   What about you?