I remember the shock and horror of being a witness to the tragedy of 9/11. Was that the moment that all things changed irrevocably for our generation?

Were the seeds of divisiveness and hate sown during that turbulent moment in history?

It seems that since then there has been more hate in the world, an “us against them” mentality that continues to fester and permeate to this day in every continent.

A place where intolerance rules and fear is the dominant feeling being generated…

Watching television or YouTube I find myself confronted by bigoted and racist crowds screaming the vilest and hate filled things, seemingly fuelled by our leaders…WTF!?

Not only in North America but across the globe.

We’re in a unprecedented time in history? I would never have guessed that we’d be dealing with issues like this in my lifetime. I suppose that’s why it’s so confronting to see it today.

Maybe it’s humanity cycling on itself, just like it did in the 1930’s when powerful and negative forces conspired to send the world into another world war…after the horrors of the First World War were still so fresh in everyone’s mind.

It didn’t matter…we did it again, but this time on a much larger and global scale with few people left untouched.

Perhaps this is it a recessive thing that happens every few generations irrespective of what’s going on in the world.

Clearly, we’ve been blessed and lived in some form of utopian world where intolerance and hate have been railed against almost universally during our generation.

What worries me most is the world that we are providing for our children and the future generations.

All of this negativity isn’t good for anyone, and only adding to our children’s stress levels, which by the way are already at an all time high, and this only adds to our collective consternation and feeling of powerlessness.

All I know is that it feels as though there is much less love in the world today. So how does love, compassion and acceptance triumph in this sort of environment?

In my mind it starts with each of us making a conscious choice…everyday!

Not sure about you but I don’t want to stand by and let this negative energy become the norm. Not for my kids and not for me…

I want to be clear – I choose love over hate!

I’m sure you’re thinking that I’ve lost the plot…

Far from it, if we all are willing to come together, stand together and not accept this barrage of negativity that we’re fed each day, whether it be in the media, politics or in our everyday lives we can change the world.

It starts with believing that we all can make a difference – one voice at a time.

So, who’s with me? Let’s be the positive voice of love and compassion.

Something for us all to think about until next week.