I recently escaped to Exuma in the Bahamas!

That’s what happens when you have your business trip cancelled at the last moment, and with a calendar now free…where could I go?

An important factor was last minute, and not too crowded with some sun and sand. I thought about Hawaii for a minute, but the 9 hour flight from Toronto was a barrier.

I ended up choosing Exuma and the Kahari Resort on Stocking Island in the beautiful Bahamas. Yes, its remote as there are no vehicles or roads and just a 10 minute boat ride from George Town.

Actually perfect for a last minute getaway from Toronto as it’s only a 3.5 hour direct flight away.

My week was filled with sleeping in late, exploring deserted beaches and discovering trails under blue skies all the while being caressed by soft ocean breezes…

I know – such an incredibly tough life!

People have asked me what the best part of my adventure was? Without doubt it’s being in a place so isolated that you only see a handful of people each day, and that’s only if you want to.

In fact, I felt like I was Robinson Crusoe and that I was stranded in paradise all by myself…

As an example I walked daily across and or around the island and for hours at a time yet for the most part did not see a single soul.

It’s almost like one of those places that people go to totally disappear from civilization. Probably a perfect place to be right about now! 🙂

I kept my usual routine with a light breakfast, followed by fasting during the day and a healthy evening meal.

This works especially well when you’re working at least 10 kilometres per day. Loved those long beach walks!

Stocking Island is small and therefore easy to navigate especially as there are no roads. The bush is thick and with only a couple of rough tracks or the beach to navigate the island…

This is fun as you feel like you’re an explorer from yesteryear. Depending on the tide you may also be traversing around cliffs with sea water up to your waist or above in order to get to the next beach.

Clearly, this is only advisable on the leeward side of the island. 🙂

The Kahari resort had a small restaurant and bbecaar (Beacon), which I frequented for my meals. The chef, Fritz was Swiss and had lived and cooked all over the world including Australia.

He had spent a lot of time in Australia and still owned a house in Cairns (North Queensland). Small world!

As you would imagine the seafood was absolutely delicious!

If you go, try the Ahi tuna with avocado salad as your starter. Then either the Curry or Chili Lobster, both equally yummy for your main meal!

If you want to seek other people to socialize with you have a couple of choices.

Just around the point from the Kahari Beach Club is the Chat n’Chill beach bar. A great spot for an icy cold beer and one of it’s specialties – BBQ ribs.

This fall off the bone delight was too good to pass up!

Apparently its a well known spot in the yachting community and therefore was quite busy. However, given the current environment I didn’t linger too long.

It was a nice respite from the solitude of my adventure however.

In fact, I would say that my week on Stocking Island prepared me for my self isolation. Strange eh?

Once we get past this virus, I’d definitely consider going back. If nothing more than for white sandy beaches and days of endless sunshine…

To get to Stocking Island, you need to fly into George Town on Exuma, take a taxi to the Peace and Plenty resort in the town, and then take your ten minute water taxi ride to the island.

Just so you’re not surprised living on the island can be expensive, with prices much higher than what you may expect. Well, they do have to fly absolutely everything into the island. Hence the cost.

I would also recommend taking US dollars as the Bahamian dollar and US dollar are interchangeable in the islands and worth the same amount.

It’s not unusual to get a combination of both currencies back when you buy something. 🙂

Check out next week’s story as I venture out into the other islands for a day of cool adventures.

Until then – stay safe and well!