With more than half my life spent in Canada it will come as no surprise that my move back to Australia is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.

As the day nears for my house to close and get on the plane to Australia I’m finding that there is a mix of excitement and feelings of loss beginning to creep in.

Clearly the most difficult part for me personally will be between now and when Australia reopens its borders. Until then I won’t be able to see or spend time with Zach and Sam.

Many of you have asked if I’ll be close to family when I move.

Well, not so much!

My master plan is to find the kids and I a place to live on the Sunshine Coast or thereabouts.

This is some 2000 kilometres from where I grew up and where three of my four siblings still live today.

In addition, I have another brother who lives in Tasmania.

My siblings in Victoria are a similar distance as I am from Toronto to Sarasota in Florida, so not around the corner by any means. A great road trip when the time is right though.

I think what I’m looking forward to most is a more temperate climate. No more sub zero climate for six months of the year…

More indoor – outdoor living is required. This is number one on my list of things to find in our next house. 🙂

As I’ve been researching houses and locations I’ve kept the kids involved to help define our “must have” list versus our “nice to have” list….

I used the same process seven years ago when looking for our house on Strathmore Blvd. They actually chose the house which was awesome.

I’m hoping to do the same when I get to Australia. I’ll video my walk through to get their feedback.

The other thing I didn’t realize was how many friends I have here in Toronto, and also across North America in general.

Although I don’t see many of you regularly I’ve been inundated with texts, emails and notes of kindness from all corners of the continent. Touching and heartfelt to be sure!

Thank you!

Without the constant contact you can sometimes feel as though you have few friends. However, it’s certainly made me aware of the strong and lasting bonds that I have with more people that I thought possible.

I know deep down that my friendships will last. I said earlier there is definitely a mix of excitement and trepidation as the dates gets ever closer and the distance kicks in.

There’s no question that social media will enable us to keep connected even from 15,800 kilometres away.

In fact I’m hoping that little will change except for the change in scenery and my photos on instagram. 🙂

I guess the good thing is that you’ll get to experience Australia first hand. through my camera lens.

This will be especially true as I hike and explore in and around my new neighbourhood.

Given the rollercoaster of emotions, I’m also trying to prepare myself for feelings of “home sickness” when I get there.

Undoubtedly I’ll be spending Christmas alone this year, albeit close to the beach.

Again, totally a first world problem. 🙂

When you grow up in one country and spend your formative years before then moving to another country – where are you from?

Great question, especially interesting when you weigh up the amount of time spent in each?

Am I Australian or Canadian? Let’s be clear neither are a bad choice.  🙂

You could argue either way I suppose. Although even after all these years I still see myself as Australian but equally proud to be Canadian as well.

Holding two passports has been really valuable over my years of global travel.

Strangely it will be the first time decades that I’ve actually lived in Australia on a permanent basis.

The outlier was the six months I spent commuting back and forth to Australia from Canada. This was during my dad’s illness and subsequent passing back in 2010 and 2011.

It was a tough schedule of three weeks in Australia, one in Canada per month but somehow emotionally survived.

I’m hoping that although I’ll be 14 hours ahead (7:00 pm Toronto time puts me at 9:00 am Sunshine Coast time) that the connections will remain strong.

I already know that I have at least one trip back in May/June 2021. Zach will be graduating from his undergraduate program at McGill at that time. 🙂

By then Sam will be prepping for her next coop term, and hopefully her trip to Australia. She plans to begin studying remotely once she finishes her next work term in September 2021.

Yes, there are a few barriers as this very moment. However, like most things in life I feel positive about the future and know that things will work out the way they’re supposed to.

Everything will all remain a bit of an emotional rollercoaster until I’m firmly ensconced in sunny Queensland…by the pool or beach. 🙂

Until next week!