It’s a little surreal here right now as we are in the midst of a 72 hour lockdown. Yep for the five municipalities that fall with within the Greater Brisbane area, of which Moreton Bay is one.

Not complaining, just an observation! 🙂

After arriving into Queensland in early December I’ve been fortunate enough to not have to wear a mask. Fortunately, Queensland hadn’t had a case for 116 days.

Well, that was until we had a single case identified on Thursday.

The Queensland government stepped in immediately and initiated the lockdown.

Now some people might say that given the global proliferation of Covid that we don’t know how good we’ve got it here.

And they would be right! 🙂

Having come from an area of the world where the pandemic is raging Australia has done an awesome job of containing it and managing the spread.

Clearly, there have been some hiccups in various states they’ve put the protocols in place in minimize the spread.

What’s not evident is the rigidity and focus from all Australians to stem the tide.

This is no small feat!

And only one of a small handful of countries to get Covid under control.

So although annoying to have to stay home for three days plus wear a mask when outside the house it’s nothing compared to anywhere else in the world right now.

Admittedly it’s been a little weird watching the outside world grapple with this while we’ve been living virtually unchanged here in Australia.

This minor inconvenience will soon pass and hopefully we’ll be able to get back to our normal way of life.

It’s all well and good for me but for Zach and Sam who are struggling through another lockdown combined with winter. Frankly, it’s heartbreaking. 🙁

I realize this was my choice but the price has been high.

Knowing that they are stuck in the middle of this is anxiety inducing…

Thank goodness for technology! At least I can video call with them whenever I want and vice versa, although it’s not quite the same as having them with me.

This will be the longest time we’ve spent apart in our entire lives and although only a temporary situation it’s still very difficult…

It’s hard to stand by and see your kids struggle…impossibly difficult as a parent.

Some of you might wonder why I made this move in the midst of a global pandemic especially knowing that this might occur.

I guess it’s a two part answer.

My initial reason for making the move was purely a personal one.

We’ve all suffered this past year, but I felt as though emotionally I couldn’t deal with another long, cold, and dark winter on top of what we’d just gone through.

This was compounded with the thought of a second wave of Covid.

For the majority of my time in Canada, there would come a point each year in the late summer when the dread of another winter would start to creep into my psyche.

I have to tell you that it only got worse over the years…

It’s hard to describe but the anxiety in your mind just builds and builds.

The general feeling of dread, knowing that that cold, long winter days were just around the corner would haunt me.

The second part was that I wanted to have Zach and Sam come to Australia and experience it not as a tourist but as a local. To live in the culture and enjoy a more outdoor lifestyle.

As you remember the three of us discussed the move and they agreed that this was a great idea. The totally supported me selling our house in Toronto and moving halfway around the world. 🙂

Living a more outdoor lifestyle with opportunities to explore this large and diverse continent is all goodness in my book!

I’m hoping that his will also allow them to build stronger relationships with their large family here in Australia.

All in all a lot of positives.

Now, if only the Covid situation would calm down a little we could begin planning flights and finalizing their travel plans…

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of uncertainty in Canada at present as they are firmly in the grip of both winter and a nasty second wave. Oi vey!

All we can do is remain positive and hopeful.

As soon as school is finished for the year, and the Australian government open up the borders they will be able to come join me here. Well, that’s the plan anyway…

Fingers crossed!

Until next week