My 14 day quarantine was drawing to an end…thank goodness!

On reflection, my difficulties getting a flight and the quarantine period had been a mere speed bump in life…

I was very appreciative of the diligence and care provided by all the different services along the way to keep me safe. Perhaps inconvenient but clearly worth it.

The last hurdle was being released.

The day before I was scheduled to leave I was visited by the hotel Doctor who was accompanied by both the Police and ADF (Australian Defence Forces).

They took my temperature, and provided all of the forms and information I required to check out of the hotel including a time slot. Yep, no free for all here!

As well, I had to also show proof that I had clearance from the Queensland government to travel.

My flight from Sydney to Brisbane was a short 1:25 minute hop. As we flew along the coastline north the gleaming white beaches seemingly stretched for as the eye could see.

Awesome – my excitement was building the closer we got to landing.

The plane was greeted by the Police and checked all passengers for their documentation, including my quarantine bracelet (bright red) which was somewhat obvious.

Given that I was questioned a little more than most people my bags were the last ones on the carousel.

I’d rented a car from the airport for my 25 minute drive to my new place in Newport. My morning had been smooth and all on time and according to schedule. Nice!

My big move had been months in the making, after deciding to sell in July…and I was finally here!

My agent Dianne greeted me at the house, her and her family live just six doors from me. Between them and Trish & Ben (prior owners) who moved around the corner they’ve been a godsend.

They’ve helped me out in so many ways, not just taking delivery of my appliances, but also handling the installation and hooking up of the units to make them fully functional.

They’ve been so welcoming and generous to me as which I really appreciate.

I now understandable why Dianne is able to sell so easily into this new neighbourhood, she is so passionate and knowledgable and can speak from personal experience.

In fact, everyone I’ve met is the same. So awesome!

I literally had to pinch myself as I wandered around my new home. It truly is a resort like paradise – still feeling blown away with actually owning it.

Clearly, much to do and organize now that I’m finally in.

I have no furniture so ton’s of shopping on the agenda! 🙂

Interestingly, as I’ve started ordering items for the house it’s apparent that the global supply chain and it’s workforce has been significantly impacted by Covid.

For many of my orders they’re on back order with a March date or beyond fill date. That being said, I’ve always appreciated a minimalist lifestyle, so it’s all good. 🙂

Totally first world problems – right?!

Another thing I soon realized was that it was going to be a full time job cleaning the house. 🙂

This is especially true given that I’ve gone from a four bedroom 1500 square foot century home in Toronto to a new 3700 square foot home in the tropics.

Yes, lots of cleaning supplies required! Lol

The first few days were spent getting myself oriented to both the house and neighbourhood. Nothing like early morning walks (yes, the sunrise is 4:45 am) to get familiar.

I must admit the sound of bird song waking me, even at this ungodly hour is worth every cent.

Although my adventures for the past few weeks have centered mostly on my move and trip back to Australia I definitely plan to be venturing out shortly.

I have so much to explore along the coast and into the coastal mountains and hinterland.

The beauty of this part of Australia is that it’s surrounded by rainforests and golden beaches. This I’m sure will enable me to get into some cool and interesting adventures.

Of course to do that I had to buy a vehicle that would be rugged enough to get me anywhere I wanted to go in Australia, from desert to beaches with everywhere in between.

I settled on Toyota HiLux 4×4 which I picked up earlier in the week…

Not the prettiest vehicle in the bunch, but certainly one of the hardiest with a great reputation for resilience and take you anywhere.

This year will be strange in that I’ll be having my first tropical Christmas since leaving Darwin back in 1988.

The big gap will be not having the kids with me…. I realize that its not forever but I do know that WhatsApp will be in overdrive this holiday season (just like it has been these past couple of weeks!)

Until next week and my first Aussie adventure.