This week I had three discoveries that shaped my week.

Okay two of them are linked in an odd and annoying way, but discoveries nonetheless.

About ten days ago I was doing an online yoga class and tweaked my left knee. Don’t ask!

I realize I’m not that flexible. Clearly, too many years of football and high impact sports and not enough care taken to stretch and keep my body supple…

So as you know I’ve been doing yoga for the past couple of years to help with my flexibility.

Long story short, is that I was a tad overzealous with a particular move and felt a grinding creak in my knee, followed immediately by a searing pain.

Clearly it was time to cease and desist on any further yoga for the day…

As the night went on my knee began to swell and become more painful and although icing helped a little it remained extremely tender.

My daily walks around the neighbourhood have been a way for me to warm up my knee, but the more I walked on it the sorer it became…

Oi vey!!!

My first discovery is that my body doesn’t bounce back like it once did (thank you Sherlock Holmes I can hear you all think to yourself).

Well this led me to my second discovery.

So yesterday with no improvement I decided to visit the local emergency to make sure I hadn’t fractured a bone and seek some advice on next steps.

The Redcliffe hospital is a mere hop, skip and jump from my new place so super easy to get to.

As with all emergency wards it was pretty busy, but I had gone in just after 9:00 am so not crazy busy at that point.

The tricky part is that because I am newly arrived, I don’t yet have my Australian Medicare card, even though I have applied for it…

I fell into an “ineligible patient” category where I would have to pay for the consultation and any other treatments and then plead my case after the fact.

No worries as long as someone could take a look at my knee and see what was going on with it I was cool with that.

I was fortunate enough to have it x-rayed relatively quickly, which all came back negative for fractures.

It seems I’ve possibly torn my meniscus (cartilage) – although based on the tests the Doctor didn’t think it was too serious.

He suggested an MRI, but now I have to get a GP (general practitioner) to review my knee first, before they can refer me for an MRI.

In the interim he gave me an elastic sock for my knee to keep it compressed and suggested more ice throughout the day to help minimize any further swelling.

Well, at least this discovery allowed me to find the local hospital if ever I needed it in the case of a real emergency.

My visit also provided me with a taste for the care that I might expect to receive (excellent by the way) if I needed it.

The third discovery was another local gem!

The Redcliffe markets are conducted Sunday mornings from 7:00 am – 1:00 pm. The Moreton Bay council closes the main road adjacent to the Redcliffe Jetty and the vendors set up their stalls on the street.

This lovely strip of beachfront and jetty are less than 5 kilometres from home so it was an opportunity for me to get out and explore locally.

As you know I’ve visited New York City many times over the years and always loved going to Union Square for the Saturday Farmer’s market.

It’s always been the slice of life and something that you’d expect from a diverse New York crowd…if you know what I mean! 🙂

Strangely, the Redcliffe Market reminded me of Union Square in some ways in that there was tons of fresh local produce and an eclectic mix of people.

In addition, there’s live music…from soloists to saxophone duos, similar to Union Square.

Pretty awesome actually!

This coupled with the long jetty and beach lined by large Norfolk pines was as pretty as a postcard. Yeah, this part was what you’d see in New York. 🙂

Although there was a stall that was selling foot long New York hot dogs. Reminiscent of Nathan’s on Coney Island to be sure.

Wow, I’ve come a long way in many ways, yet in other ways not so much.

I realize that I’m living an incredible life and feeling very grateful for all of my experiences, both now and over the years of travel and exploration.

The other important thought I’ve had this week has led me to reflect on my journey back to Australia…not an easy feat at the best of times.

I know there are some of you that thought I was crazy (yes, I know who you are – lol!) to make this major life move in a time of a global pandemic, but I saw it as an opportunity.

To follow my heart and push toward my dream….

This was not an easy process nor the picture clear as I initially embarked on this journey, but if there is one thing you know about me it’s that once I make up my mind to do something I follow it through.

Clearly this has been another opportunity to reinvent myself, and a time to change things up.

I’m just letting the universe do its thing…and staying open to any and all opportunities. I’m very positive about the future and have great faith that great things will continue to happen for me. 🙂

My advice – pursue your dreams…what are you waiting for?

Until next week!