There are pros and cons to any transition, but I seem to have taken to my new life back in Australia rather well. But as you know there are many levels and layers of complexity to a transition of this magnitude…

After selling much of my furniture and packing my personal effects in early November 2020 I then shipped these via container to Australia.

Little did I know at the time that it would take a whopping six months for the container to arrive. I just got notice this week that my container has finally arrived into Sydney. The next step is to have it clear customs at the Port of Sydney which will likely take four weeks (minimum).

Originally it was supposed to be shipped to the Port of Brisbane which is 30 kms from new home. However given the supply chain challenges and port congestion driven by the pandemic this was changed and the ship was re-routed to Sydney.

Unfortunately Sydney is some 963 kms from home….

Clearly, this will add additional days for haulage and am now hoping to receive it (not confirmed) by sometime in the first two weeks of May depending on customs backlog and any issues.

One of my big realizations after settling into my new home is that I haven’t really been missed any of my things…

Isn’t it strange how we hold on to these little touchstones in our lives. For the most part only some of these personal effects will find a home here, as I plan to reevaluate the need for much of what I shipped and either give it to charity or discard it.

A little too late now given the cost of shipping… 😜

My advice for anyone moving long distances, take what you can carry and discard the remainder…just sayin.

You will save yourself a ton of money.

That being said I’ve always been a minimalist in terms of interior decoration and design. I hate clutter and mess which likely tells you a lot about who I am. 😁

So even when I do receive my container and go through the items they are mostly books and clothes.

Another of the complexities of returning to Australia has been the culture shock.

I can hear you now – but aren’t you Australian. So what’s the big deal???


On the surface Australia and Canada are similar in many ways. Both countries are welcoming and friendly in terms of culture, hard working and enjoy a good time. However, that’s where it ends…on the surface.

Australian culture is black and white – no shades of grey or allowances for other options. Rules are rules in Australia whereas in Canada there just seems to be a lot more flexibility and openness to common sense versus rigidity.

As I remember when I moved to Canada the processes were straight forward and well communicated, but upon moving back to Australia there seems to be a mountain of red tape that doesn’t make sense.

A great example is my inability to get a credit card in Australia.

Even though I paid cash for my house and truck plus money in the bank here in Australia, and have a very strong credit rating in Canada it’s all irrelevant. It’s because I don’t have a job in Australia that I can’t get a credit card.

Sorry, but this doesn’t seem to make any sense to me at all…

Again first world problems…right?! 😂

I suppose the biggest transition for me has been on a personal level.

The most challenging aspect has been not having Zach and Sam with me. Just knowing that I won’t be able to see them in person until we have vaccinated much of the world and international borders and travel opens back up is difficult for us all.

As much as technology has been a definite plus during this time, it’s not quite the same as being able to give them a hug or sit and enjoy a meal together. 🤗

I don’t think anyone expected that the pandemic and its ongoing waves would have lasted so long, nor would we have predicted that the life we had pre-covid was so open and free.

Remember when we could just go buy and airline ticket and fly anywhere we wanted without concern. I guess we didn’t know how good we had it until now…

Making a significant life decision and transition in the midst of the pandemic has not been for the faint of heart.

There have been many roadblocks and setbacks along the way with many unexpected twists and turns. However, life goes on and you need to make the best of every situation.

Like most things in life I approached this transition with vigor and vitality and just made it happen. 😃

Even knowing what I now know, would I change anything?

Nope! There is no do-over or second guessing…no what if’s.

My advice is to just roll with it, take life on and live it every day…your best life. Check out my podcast series OneLife for more ideas on living your best life.

Until next week