Creative is my middle name….lol! Be nice now! 🤣

For many of you who follow me you’ll notice that Indelible Adventures Media has been reimagined and launched with new channels in the form of Podcasts and Videos. Stay tuned for the update to website as well in the coming weeks.

I have turned my office into both a recording and video editing studio. You’ll also notice that my branding has slightly changed for these two endeavours to Indelible Adventures Media.

Although not a professional (yet) in either area, I absolutely love the creative process.

Creating new, fresh content is very important to building your audience. Now that I’ve added these two other content formats to my weekly essay it’s been a full schedule of planning, shooting, scripting, editing and producing the various content pieces.

For those of you that are curious as to what software I’m using for each here you go:

Interestingly, with the constant and ongoing changes within iTunes Podcasts I now find it impossible to publish to this channel. I’m not sure why they make it so difficult, but I guess that’s just Apple being Apple….

All I can say is that it’s their loss! 🤣

As part of my forays into these new areas I’d like love to ask a favour. If you could share my work, irrespective of whether it’s my essay, podcast series or videos with friends and family.

As you know opportunities come in many forms and from a variety of sources, many from where we might least expect, so the more we share the better! 🤣

If you’re a regular follower of my essays you’ll know that my creativity isn’t a newly found thing.

No, far from it!

Over the years I’ve dabbled initially with t-shirt design & printing back in my 20’s, then watercolors, acrylics and sculptures in my 30’s. All before kids….😉

Not that I’d want to change one single thing, but with young kids and a full time job it’s sometimes difficult to get the day to day accomplished never mind going to the gym or having a hobby.

It wasn’t until the kids were in their early teens before I began writing on a regular basis. Yep, that was two books and over 500 weekly essays ago.

And although I’d always enjoyed photography it wasn’t until an agency in New York liked my work and gave me the opportunity to work with them to sell my photos that this area of my creativity really took hold.

Today, with well over 300,000 photos and 9 TB’s of storage for these high definition photos it’s little wonder that I have to curate every week to keep on top of my new work. A labour of love! ❤️

When I was editing my second book – Una Storia d’amore I had 30,000 photos of Italy alone. Yep, it took me 5 months to curate them down and choose the best 190 photos for the book.

Even this past week on my adventure to Coolum and Noosa I took 750 photos and six videos just on Friday morning alone…

The flip side is that I then spent most of Saturday curating the photos down to 165 “keepers” which is about a 22% keep rate. Not too shabby considering when I first began taking photos I had less than a 5% keep rate.

My composition has improved significantly, especially working with natural light.

That being said my video skills are currently at the beginner level. I’m hoping you’ll begin to notice a better end product sooner rather than later.

Also had great feedback in the last couple of days about adding a voice over to my videos. Duly noted and will definitely make this change with my coming videos. 👍

I’ve been shooting with my iPhone 11 Pro and my Sony RX10 but am struggling with the zoom and stabilization on both platforms. Still unable to get that smooth flow that you see from the pros.

Definitely part of the issue is my gear, but let’s not mince words the biggest part of the problem is me and learning a new skill.

This will improve in the coming weeks

In addition, my main cameras and lens’ are still in a shipping container halfway across the Pacific at the moment. I know, a poor tradesman blames his tools! 🤣

The best part is that this will improve and evolve over time.

You’ll also notice in the coming weeks an update to my website which will allow for all my new content. I’ll still publish to the various channels, but as regular readers you’ll always have access.

One of the biggest lessons we can all take from my foray into podcasting and video production is to not be afraid of putting yourself out there. Look for the feedback and focus on learning and improving.

You’ll always have naysayers and critics but I think I’m particularly fortunate to have found my audience of similarly minded people…my tribe if you will.

Thank you for being you! ❤️

Until next week and all the new content that comes with it! 🙌🏼