Have you ever felt someone’s energy when meeting them for the very first time. The type of energy that makes you stand back and say “wow”. It’s a presence…

Some people may call it charisma or the X factor, but there is something about them that exudes a form of energy that’s almost irresistible.

Charisma is a personal quality, evident in the way someone communicates, that makes them more influential and sought after.

This ability to attract attention and influence others can be embodied in a number of ways. Perhaps it’s the way someone speaks, what they say, or how they look when they’re communicating that boosts their charisma quotient. 😊  

Immediately you sense their presence. Perhaps when they walk into the room, or the way they command an audience, often without them having to do anything specific. They are just being who they are…

There is an air of confidence about them, something you can’t quite put your finger on.

Often the best part about them is that they are down to earth and not full of themselves, with many actually quite humble.

So what gives them this energy?

It’s quite simple really…

I believe it boils down to them having actively let go of their ego, and entered an age of enlightenment. Huh?

They live their lives with passion, conviction and positivity…living life on their terms.

They do not care about what others think of them, nor do they get caught up in the day to day frustrations of life, but instead how found their path and what brings them joy, contentment and meaning to their lives.

Each of them have moved beyond the trivialities of the day to day and operate on a different plane entirely. And excited about the possibilities of life. They are unbounded, and their thinking and dreams limitless.

Before you think I’ve gone completely off the rails, take a minute to think about someone you know who has these special qualities or energy.

In my mind it’s all about their spiritual energy that’s deep within them. They are excited about life and their passion shines through, thus making them attractive to others by their very presence.

Being confident in who you are and what you want from life opens up all sorts of possibilities. This openness and willingness to explore these possibilities reinforces a sense of curiosity which all feeds into your energy.

It’s also a proven fact that optimistic and positive people are also more professionally successful, mentally and physically healthy, and socially attractive. All of these things also tend to make them more contented with the life they have.

Each of us has energy, but not all of us exude it in the way that these people do.

The age old question is it nature or nurture that enables individuals to tap into their inner energy? Are people born like this or can anyone learn the traits and capabilities to be have this?

There are lots of “experts” out there that will tell you that if you just follow these X number of steps then you too can be charismatic. They will likely list tactics like:

  • smile more
  • make people feel special
  • provide your undivided attention to others
  • Listen more than you speak
  • look inwardly and admit your own shortcomings
  • give to others without the expectation of receiving something in return

Certainly these are things that you can do in your day to day life that will help enhance what you have already have going on for you.

What I find fascinating in these “self help” type approaches is that it looks at all the things that can do to externally to change your image versus looking inside to who you are and defining what’s important to you.

None of the items outlined above will miraculously or automatically provide you with this form or energy, the type that people go “wow” with.

Finding inner peace, feeling good about who you are and where you’re going contributes to your general sense of well being and thus potentially increasing your energy.

It’s like a bank in many ways, the more you deposit, the more you benefit in the long run.

My advice is to worry less and just be the best you can be…just for you. No one else, care less about what others think. Living our best life on our terms no matter what.

Until next week