I’m always looking for my next adventure and recently noticed a place north of where I live that captured my imagination…Rainbow Beach!

A less than three hour drive from home was just too tempting to pass up…

I decided to leave home at 6:00 am with a mid morning sojourn in Gympie. Again, another new town that I’d never explored.

Gympie is a lovely little city centered in the rolling lush hills of south eastern Queensland. The town, originally named Nashville after James Nash who discovered gold here in the late 1860’s. It was renamed Gympie which is derived from the local aboriginal term for “stinging tree” or gimpi-gimpi which is prevalent in the region.

After buying a coffee from one of the many cafes that line the main street I strolled along marveling at the beautiful 19th century architecture. So beautiful and ornate! Clearly, a wealthy city at one point in its lifetime.

Like a town caught in a time warp. ❤️

I also discovered Memorial Park with it’s quintessential Queenslander style band rotunda sitting squarely in the center of this leafy park.

Gympie a cool little city to explore and definitely worth a visit.

My drive from Gympie to Rainbow beach was through some beautiful countryside. Passing lots of dairy farms closer to Gympie before changing to towering pine plantations and gorgeous eucalyptus forests. ❤️

When I arrived at Rainbow beach I was surprised at how few people were around and even though the shops were open and busy enough I’m sure it’s a very different story in summer. 🤨

I guess it is off season…

Rainbow Beach is perched high on a cliff. To get down to the ocean you descend some 20 meters onto a wide sandy beach which stretches for miles – wow!

As I looked to my right toward Double Island point in the distance I now understood why its called Rainbow Beach. The cliffs have many layers and colours of the sand which also reflects on the water to give it a incredible rainbow effect.

You can drive your vehicle on the beach or camp in the National Park you must get a permit from the office at the Manta Ray Barge Permit office on the road into town. 😃

This works well for those wanting to camp in the National Park or for those surfers looking for the next great ocean break.

In fact I noticed that there were far more vehicles than people on the beach. I was only one of a handful I saw during my couple of hour walk.

Another discovery was that there were no seashells on the beach. Interesting, as I was expecting it to be like most beaches where you would find some at the high tide mark. Yeah – nah not a single one at Rainbow beach… 🧐

I wonder why? Well, it certainly didn’t detract from the experience and the sheer beauty of the wide beach, the warm sun and the ocean lapping at my heels.

It was a gorgeous day for a walk, and surrounded by the intense beauty of my surroundings felt very lucky. ❤️

After a great burger at The Deck @sea salt bar adjacent to the beach for lunch it was time to explore further afield.

Another discovery I made was the Carlo Sand Blow which is approximately 2 kms south of town.

This natural phenomenon is like no other place I’ve ever been. The wind funnels up the sand cliffs from the beach, and sucks the sand inland…it’s a vortex of sand. 🧐

This also creates a moonscape or desert appearance where the sand has gouged a huge valley leading from the ocean inland. Quite a unique place.

Lots of people bring their boogie boards or a disk and slide down the steep sides, sort of like tobogganing on snow, except it’s sand! 😂

Next place to explore was Inskip Point. This is the main hoping off point for Fraser Island and the barge that plies its trade between Inskip and the Island. Definitely a great place to camp if you’re into that!

Interestingly, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world.

As I walked along the beach at Inskip Point the sand was so incredibly soft that when I stepped it squeaked, and felt like I was walking in talcum powder it was so soft.

Unfortunately time was not on my side to visit Fraser Island on this adventure, so I’ll just save it for another time.

I had booked a villa at the Tin Can Marina so headed back there for sunset. A pretty little place to stay with lots of bird life especially at sunset and dawn. It’s amazing to be serenaded by song birds at the start and end of each day! ❤️

On my way home I explored down the coast to Noosa and Coolum Beach via some isolated bush tracks and single gauge bridges which were pretty cool. I enjoyed getting offroad so to speak. 😃

Awesome to be on the road exploring again – especially with so much to see and do!

Until next week