I’ve realized that it’s the simple things in life that are the difference makers.  I guess they always have been, and not just for me but for everyone.

How many times have you made a simple decision only to realize at some later stage that this particular decision was life changing?  I must admit I’ve had a few of those moments…

When I talk of the simple things, I don’t mean just decisions.

A great example that I use is around building my positive daily thoughts.  I use my computer constantly, not only for home use but also for business.

Every time I step away from my computer, I close the lid for security reasons.  And therefore, I need to re-enter my password each time I come back to it.

My best guess is that it’s between 10 – 15 times per day.

One of the things I do is to use positive words as my password… intermingled with numbers and characters.

So, each time I put in my password I’m reaffirming something positive to myself.  So effective!

It could be super simple like “Lov1U!^^”, another might be “h1ppiness23!”  (of course, these aren’t my current passwords, but used something similar that I’ve used in the past).

You can choose to be creative with your passwords as you wish, but it’s these simple things that make the difference.

Other thing I use is sticky notes to myself…

I write them and put in place where I come across them regularly.  Always reinforcing my positive thoughts.

Some of you might laugh, but it truly is these simple things that can change your mindset.

Just like the small decisions can change your life!

To create the life you’d always wanted, I believe it starts with a positive mindset and a belief in yourself that you can overcome any obstacle and forge any path you wish.

The fine print to this is that you actually need the courage to follow through to do the hard work to make a reality.

I often see people talk a lot about what they’re going to do but fall down in the follow through and execution.

We are entirely up to ourselves…

Another simple thing I have incorporated into my life is to exercise both my brain and body.

Most mornings at 5:00 am you’ll find me working out in our studio at home.  Each day I either workout (circuit training) or take a yoga class every day of the week.

It’s a simple thing, but effective.

The reason I invest this 45 minutes each day is for my personal wellbeing.

In addition, at some point each day I also undertake a 2 – 5 minute breathing exercise or meditation.

For me it’s all about incorporating these simple things into my life to reinforce that life is all about balance – body, mind, and soul.

Incorporating these simple things into my life has changed the way I look at both myself and the life that I’ve created.

And each in their own way contributes to me living my best life.

They also help manage stress of daily life.  No-one can escape stress entirely no matter who you are or how much money or notoriety you have.

Every one of us has stress so it’s a matter of finding and using things that can help mitigate or minimize this. 

It’s taken me a lifetime to discover these hidden gems, and wish I had found them sooner…

But as we know that’s not how life works.

We need to live and make mistakes in order for us to discover ourselves and come to understand what’s truly important.

As individuals no two people are exactly the same and so what might work for me in terms of the simple things, may not be what works for you.

I guess that the best part in that it’s really your personal journey of self-discovery.

Not everyone will understand, but that’s okay.

Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone thought and acted the exact same way?

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to realize that you in fact control your life.

The concept of being you’re in control combined with taking advantage of the simple things is life has been a game changer for me personally.

I am fully accountable for every aspect of my life.  Gone are the days when you can play the victim card…

Nope, it’s all me now.

Hence why I focus so intently on my mindset and using anything I can to keep moving forward with positivity.

Even though there will be times of frustration and sadness I choose to look for the lessons that move me forward.

Never again am I going to stew about what could have been…

Positive self-talk, reflection time and a good dose of emotional intelligence ensures that I’m on the right track… well, at least for me!

How about you?  What simple things have you incorporated into your life that make a difference for you?

Take a moment to take stock and reflect on where you are in life.

Are you content with who you are, and where you’re going?   Are you living your best life?

Food for thought…

Until next week