The way I see it life is all about infinite possibilities.

I fully believe in surrendering myself to the universe and trusting that life will unfold how it’s supposed to without me trying to force it or over complicate it.

The difficult part is letting go of the concept of control.  Yep, we’re all control freaks and live and breathe trying to engineer every aspect of our lives.

Often to the point of disappointment, frustration, and guilt.  Who are we kidding?

The only thing we can control is our emotional state, and even this can be tricky as we can easily be caught up in the moment and lose our composure, often for things that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Rewiring our brains to believe that no matter what happens this is the way things were meant to unfold requires a level of maturity and consciousness to see past the here and now.

I know, you’re probably scratching your head and thinking that I have lost the plot…

Far from it!

Perhaps I’m just at a point in my life where I want to continue to live a full and complete life with as little stress as possible.

Thus, putting my mind in the right space is so important.

Now, you may think that I don’t have goals or objectives and that by surrendering I’ve, in some way given up my dreams.

As we say in Australia – “yeah – nah”.

I try not to get too specific about what I want in life or how and when I want it by…

Lots of us put timelines on our dreams which places undue expectations and pressure on us.

Instead, let’s continue to have the dream and continually strive for in our minds but let the universe figure out how and when it will unfold.

It’s important to have dreams and high-level objectives, so does it matter how or when we get there?

I like to use a vision board to help me shape the big things I want to achieve then sit back and feel the universe actively pull me toward achieving them.  One item at a time!

You might be surprised to learn how many things I’ve been able to check off from my vision board.


In all, I’ve accomplished five of the six items on my vision board with the final one in progress over the past year.

Feel so happy with my accomplishments.

Now, you can see why I choose to live with this mindset.  The proof has and will continue to remain in the pudding so to speak.

Okay, so you may be a little sceptical…

Perhaps you’re thinking that my vision board had only easy items to attain…

Well other than explore the South Pacific all the rest on my vision board have been attained.  Fortunately for me my loving wife, Judy also loves to explore so perhaps that makes it a little easier.

She also is an avid fan of vision boards and not surprisingly has also been successful with her six items this past year albeit different than mine.

Where to start?

It begins with changing your mindset and believing that life presents infinite possibilities.

Secondly, that by letting go of trying to overly control your life and believing that the universe will provide the type of life you seek.

Whether you create a vision board or not is irrelevant.  It’s more about you writing down the five or six things that you’d like to achieve in the next year and keeping them at the forefront of your mind.

I have my vision board on my bookshelf next to my desk so that whenever I sit down at my desk at home, I’m able to make eye contact with it.

This continually reinforces my dreams and allows my mindset to reflect and absorb what I want to achieve.

If you believe in infinite possibilities, then this also allows you to be more curious and thus more likely to seek out adventures in whatever form they take.

Believing in the concept of infinite possibilities also tends to provide a more positive outlook on life.

This form of positivity and mindset is a self-fulfilling cycle that brings energy and excitement to the way I live my life.

I suppose I’ve become accustomed to this over the past decade since my ah-ha moment.

It was at this time, upon reflection that everything in my life changed.  Since this moment my life has been on an upward trajectory which I fully based on the change in the way I look and interact with everything around me.

I feel no longer constrained by societal pressures or my past, but choose to follow my heart, supported by my mindset in everything that I do.

This may sound rather airy-fairy but it’s a choice I’ve consciously made in order to bring peace, love and joy to my life.

I have to admit, for me, this has been a massive change but welcome change.

You too can embark upon a similar shift, but it takes courage and commitment and not for the faint of heart…

Until next week