I often find myself hibernating over the long cold, grey winters here in Toronto. Which means if I’m not away exploring another city or country, then I tend to stay in – cook, write, podcast or curate.

Although I’ve never been one to watch a lot of television, this past winter has proven to be different in many ways.

For one the winter has been a tad colder than previous years…or is it because I spent a few weeks in Australia where it was the exact opposite and now have no patience for the frigid temps. I know I was totally spoilt and therein lies my problem šŸ™‚

All I can say is that it’s been bloody cold here in Toronto, icy and windy with exceptionally low temperatures for seemingly months on end already, not to mention a February with over 60 cm of snow!

As you know I’m very positive and always looking for the good in situations…but long, cold winters really test my patience! Just sayin…

Yes, I know…I’m such a grumpy britches, especially in the last month or two of the winter and by this stage I’m totally done with it. The only ice I want to see is in my drink!

So with all this swirling around my head I’ve decided to take some time around my birthday (coming up by the way, just in case you want to send me a present!) and get away for a week or so…somewhere warm clearly and somewhere where I haven’t already been.

I know what you’re thinking – somewhat limited eh?

After researching the long list of places I’d like to visit, which included the Greek Islands (it’s been years since I was there last), the Dalmation Coast, Malta, Ibiza, Bora Bora, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and Seychelles I finally decided upon BoraƧay.

Where the heck is that you’re asking???

The island itself was closed to tourists for just over six months as it went through a major natural revitalization to help protect its reefs and beaches and just reopened in October 2018.

BoraƧay is situated off the tip of Panay island in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines, an hour south (flying time) from Manila.

Incredibly it’s one of the few countries in the Pacific that I haven’t yet visited. A good mate of mine from Australia just got back from the Philippines and he had the good fortune to stay on Boracay. He absolutely loved it!

Such a lovely destination to spend a birthday, soak up the copious amounts of sun and contemplate life… Now we’re talking!

I’m flying first from Toronto to Seoul which is approximately a 14 hour flight, before a short layover and then another 5 hour flight onto Manila.

Now, because of the late arrival time in Manila, I’ll have to overnight there before the one hour flight to BoraƧay early the next day.

I’m hoping to be on the beach relaxing under a palm tree or in the ocean by early afternoon.

So the story goes, the sunsets in BoraƧay are supposedly the best in the world, so my camera will be getting a great work out as well.

The place I’m staying has a spa, so, much like on my trip to Bali last year there will be an afternoon massage or two during my week on the island.

Tons of snorkeling and scuba diving, but more than anything it’s going to be pure rest and relaxation…

Although I’m sure it will only take a couple of days of being unwound before I start to get itchy feet to explore more broadly.

It’s a relatively small island and in fact only 7 kilometers long, and roughly 10 square kilometers in size…yep, its tiny! šŸ™‚

After a little research, there is, as you’d imagine, a number of yoga studios on the island as well and the perfect place for a daily class and perhaps meditation. So I may have to try some different places over the course of my stay.

I’m very excited about the break, but now that it’s booked it will help me get over the last six weeks of so of winter before I set off on my latest adventure.

I realize that winter, at least for me is a bit of a mental game and being able to a few breaks throughout the long, cold months is the best way for me to cope.

It will be Spring by the time I get back, as well, by then Sam will know what University she’ll be attending in the fall, although we’re hoping she finds out well before then.

The year has flown, especially considering that it’s already March 1st.

I have a couple more trips to figure out over the remainder of 2019, and depending on whether Sam has a job or not, Italy and possibly Spain will be her destination of choice for her graduation present.

Then once my contract is done in October, I may head to Italy or Morocco for a little while.

Still so many places still to see in the world and explore…

Until next week!