This year has likely been one of the most impactful of our lives. And whether we like it or not our lives have been full of redefining moments…

My business has been centered around adventures and travel until the pandemic hit. How do you do that effectively in this brave new world?

Simply put, how do you have an adventure?

You certainly don’t need a lot of money to have an adventure. Nor do you need to go anywhere exotic, nope, they are literally on your doorstep. 

And even though our lives have been redefined we literally have the world at our feet even during a pandemic.

We can’t stop living nor should we…  

In fact, with all this time on my hands its been an important time for me to think and reimagine the next phase of my life.  

We often get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we end up sticking to what we know, without spending time reflecting on what is right in front of us.

And although comforting this can quickly become a an albatross around our necks…

Given that we may not have the ability for international travel anytime soon I thought I would suggest some ideas to help you reflect and adjust your mindsets.

I wanted to share with three simple thoughts: 

Choices  Lets start local and get outside while the weather is still fabulous!  

Nowhere better to think that getting out into your neighbourhood and walking. Grab a coffee and stroll the leafy streets admiring the gorgeous gardens and sweetly scented flowers.

This has been one of my favourite pastimes over the past four months. Plus it’s difficult not to be thankful surrounded by such beauty.

Maybe a bike ride on a path you’ve never tried before is more your style? Or better still a ride in the county? For those adventurous souls out there this might be a great time to try mountain biking. 🙂

Nothing like trying something new, some fresh air and the solitude of nature to perk you up mentally.

One of the most difficult things I encountered, particularly early on with the pandemic was battling the elements outside, but to be fair this summer (at least here in Toronto) has been spectacular!

So I try and squeeze every morsel of time outside either walking, exploring with my camera or enjoying working in my garden.

What are you waiting for?  There are no guarantees in life, take a look around and you’ll see what I mean…

My advice is to keep it simple and not try to do too much. This often takes some patience and discipline to slow down and enjoy the moments… 

Just breathe and take your time…

Connecting  One of the big things about the pandemic is that has stopped us from being social, by limiting our proximity to others and/or showing physical signs of affection.  

It seems that the simple hug and kiss on the cheek, or even handshake has “gone the way of the dodo” at least for the moment…

Understandably, it’s just not possible.

Even with a mask and physical distancing you can still be friendly when out and about.

I find that many people have retreated into themselves and even shy away from eye contact when out walking, but you can help change the game.

Irrespective of the physical distance, masks and no touch guidelines you can still make eye contact, nod and say hello.

Try it next time you’re out – you may be surprised with the response as deep down I believe everyone is craving connection…

Yep, me included! Just play it safe and follow the guidelines. 🙂

Mindset  As with all things in life this too shall pass and trust that sooner or later that life will resume some sort of normalcy, albeit a year or more removed.  

Perhaps it’s after the vaccine, perhaps not but it will end…eventually.

Who knows when that will be, but we’ve all been part of this journey and if you’re like me you’ve learned a lot about yourself along the way.

I’ve learned that I am more mentally and emotionally resilient that I thought I was. Living alone for long periods without interaction beyond a video call was and often continues to be difficult.

During these times I feel like a shipwrecked sailor on a deserted island, metaphorically set adrift from mankind.

I’ve felt much more alone than I’ve ever felt during any other period of my life.

Yes, it’s been difficult for us all, no question but the one bright spot is that we’ve shared a similar experience. And fingers crossed have survived to tell the tale.

It’s definitely reinforced the concept in my head that you’re healthy until the day you’re not.

And that’s why my mantra of “live life for today” is so important. Few would have predicted a pandemic, especially with this scale and size yet here we are almost nine months later and its still kicking our butts around the world.

Silver lining you say???

Definitely! In what way you ask?

As horrible as this experience has been it’s also been a great reminder of the beauty and grace of our lives and how important those close to us really are.

For me it’s really distilled down the things that are most important in our lives…and equally the least important. Redefined if you will.

So the next time you’re feeling a little down maybe it’s time to get outside, get some fresh air, connect and reflect.

Until next week