People often ask me how I created the life I have. It was surprisingly easy to find my groove, although took a lot of self reflection and hard work

It was obvious that I needed to answer just one simple question…. Forget all the filters that we think we need to use to help us narrow down the field.

What do I love to do? 😁

I asked myself this very question as I sat on a flight to Hong Kong back in 2014.

For sometime I’d been mulling over my options given my ongoing dissatisfaction with my corporate job at the time. It was apparent that my role in the corporate world didn’t match my expectations. Feeling under appreciated and not able to use my creativity was stifling.

I was tired of living my life to the beat of someone else’s drum. Specifically expending my priceless time and energy for someone else’s gain. It was clear that there was no other option but to rethink my career and create my own destiny.

As scary as this was, it was also exciting to imagine working on activities that I actually wanted to work on. 😁

Certainly not without its risks as I had a mortgage and two kids in private school that still required funding. There was no nest egg or trust lurking in the background to help me out if my efforts failed.

Uncertainty loomed large!

I took out a piece of paper (totally old school) and began jotting down things that I loved to do. Things that I had a passion for and enjoyed doing.

The first things that jumped to mind were my writing, photography, speaking and travel…potentially four different revenue streams, excitement building as I wrote. Woohoo!

So what did each of these mean to me? How could I position my services to utilize my skills and experience in these areas, as well as keep afloat. This prompted a deeper dive into each area, delving into my motivation and love for each.

Each of the focus areas came back to nourishing my creative soul. Which I felt I had long neglected…

Now the hard work began creating a viable business plan.

After creating my business plan I shared it with a few trusted advisors upon my return. The feedback I received was far from promising or supportive. The general consensus was that it was too many things and that it was surely going to fail.

For some inextricable reason I felt buoyed rather than disheartened by their reaction. It was time to prove everyone wrong.

Isn’t it strange how the universe works? Once I’d made the decision to create my own destiny things began to fall into place. ❤️

Not all plain sailing, especially early on but it really didn’t take long to find my feet and move forward.

I think one of the most important lessons I learned along the way was when faced with a roadblock you have to remain open and be prepared to change directions and adjust as necessary.

There is no point becoming frustrated, blocked or stuck, but rather take some deep breaths, think about your options and just move on…

The concept of staying flexible and “going with the flow” has been so important, and always at the forefront of my thinking.

Another great piece of advice I got was from my lawyer – “just be easy to do business with, don’t make it harder than it has to be”. Definitely sage advice and one that I’m happy to share. 🙌🏼

Over the ensuing years I’ve taken a number of consulting jobs as an independent consultant to support my lifestyle, always time based and on my terms.

The best part by far has been my ability to travel the world. Often times with Zach and Sam, thus opening up the world to them and providing unforgettable life experiences. 😁

I feel particularly fortunate for this given that over the years we’ve had some incredible trips and made some great memories together.

Part of the goodness of this was that they would choose the destination and then help plan our adventure, which grew their confidence, and helped make them more resilient when faced with unfamiliar surroundings.

The value of building confidence should never be underestimated at anytime in your life. Irrespective of whether it’s for you or your kids it’s totally invaluable. 😁

They each proved to be excellent students for a life of adventure and would pit them against anyone in their ability to navigate a foreign city with an unfamiliar language and survive just fine.

One of the best side effects of me finding my groove is that I’ve been a better dad. Present and attentive without being overly intrusive into their lives. ❤️

I’ve also experienced a lot less stress, and with the opportunity to spend significant time with both Zach and Sam during their teenage years which was a true blessing.

Our current relationships speak volumes for the decision I made back in 2014 and the subsequent journey that I’ve been on ever since and which continues here in Australia.

Since 2014, I’ve felt more fulfilled with what I’m doing, made more money and been able to travel and explore the world all on my terms…

I’d say that’s success!

My experiences are the foundation of my writing, coaching and speaking engagements. Relating my journey into what you may be contemplating, but also sharing what I’ve learned along the way.

Are you ready to find your groove? Life is short – what are you waiting for?

Until next week