Who would of imagined that ten years ago I’d be a published author and essayist? Few would of imagined the path that I’ve been able to create for myself, nor the sheer enjoyment that I’ve had over that time.

I’m an overnight success that’s taken a decade to come to fruition…lol! 😃

Like most of us who begin our journey (yes, you know who you are) that the objective is not to become a writer, or artist but to do what we love and enjoy. The recognition is just the gravy…

So you can imagine my surprise with my recent podcast series – OneLife. These digestible ten minute episodes seem to have hit a cord with many of you, and indeed a broader following.

Of course this isn’t my first foray into podcasting. Far from it, this is indeed my third series. The first was a four episode in-depth peek of my reinvention which I recorded and published back in 2016. Where on earth does the time to?

It was a great way to learn how to podcast and get my feet wet so to speak. Since then I produced a 25 part series entitled “Stories from the road“, in which I explored 25 of my favourite travel destinations. This was fun, especially reliving the memories from all of my adventures.

Perhaps it’s just where I am emotionally that prompted me to begin recording a new series earlier this year. 🤗

In the past decade I’ve had many epiphanies and “ah-ha” moments. Too many good vignettes not to share. I feel compelled to share what I’ve discovered over the journey, hence my essay, speaking and now podcasts.

I guess that’s all part of my experience, not only to learn but also to share the messages. ❤️

When I began public speaking….I wasn’t nervous about speaking in front of large audiences, in fact far from it. It gave me a shot of adrenaline and love being on stage.

This then prompted me to go out on a limb and do something that I’d always wanted to do – Improv comedy. This year long program took me from feeling foolish having fun in front of others to relishing my weekly training sessions up on stage.

The ultimate high was performing onstage at Second City to complete my graduation from the program. A live audience to watch me perform comedy skits…. Such a great way to culminate all of my learnings over the course of the year Genius!

The beauty of improv comedy is its simplicity. There is only one golden rule and that is – “yes, and…”. ❤️

The premise is that whatever is presented to you, you go along with it and embellish or add to the current storyline. Never to reject but to accept and move on, expanding whatever subject matter is put in front of you. Interestingly, the objective is not to be funny, but to just expand the storyline by going with what is in your heart.

These often unexpected outcomes are often inherently funny as you’d never think of taking the storyline to where you do…but you do anyway.

Isn’t that a lovely metaphor for life? It’s one I absolutely have embraced as you know. ❤️

Now how to transition my speaking and stagecraft skills into podcasting?

The performing onstage is one thing, and listening only to your voice is quite another…

I often felt strange watching the video recording of me speaking post event as I thought my voice wasn’t equal to the message that I was giving. A little too soft and not commading enough.

Yes, my insecurities creeping in…. 😜

Clearly I shouldn’t have worried as my thinking was contrary to the feedback I’ve received.

This is particularly true of the feedback for my OneLife series. With the majority of people liking the soothing sounds of my voice, and its calm and gentle nature…and almost meditative timbre.

Interestingly, when you don’t have a visual image of someone on stage speaking, then you rely on your auditory skills to soak in the voice and message.

I’m flattered with the supportive and generous feedback that I’ve consistently recieved. Glad you like the soothing sound of my voice.

Who knew others could hear what I didn’t initially hear.

I think part of the challenge is that I’m a perfectionist and during the production process listen to every sound bite multiple times. Maybe too many times…

Once I’ve laid down the entire narrative then I then listen to it end to end anywhere from five to ten times to ensure it flows the way that I want it to before adding the musical background sound.

It’s a bit like a writer making basic grammatical, spelling mistakes or omissions in a piece of writing. Often because they’ve read it so many times the obvious is not obvious is you know what I mean.

And always very appreciative for my forgiving audience on that front. 🙏🏼

Most importantly though, I’m glad that my podcast series resonates…and that people like you are taking the time to listen and provide feedback. Please feel free to share my podcast series far and wide. 😃

Thank you for supporting me – I appreciate it!

Until next week.