During the course of the pandemic I think we’ve all come to realize that life can change in the blink of an eye. We need to be able to adapt quickly to survive and thrive in situations like this. Most disconcerting is that this unfortunately won’t be the last time we’ll need to adjust like this…

Seemingly overnight our lives were thrown into turmoil and the life we’d known just hours before was changed irrevocably. No longer able to travel (my life blood) and ordered to stay home made for a dramatic change in circumstance for many of us.

Indeed a lot of people lost their livelihoods and others had to reinvent themselves with new careers and focus.

The circumstances are crappy to be sure, but what was most heartening is that people began rethinking their lives. With many moving toward a more self sufficient way of living.

Creating your own destiny is definitely the way to go, rather than abdicating your power and “working for the man” so to speak.

But here’s where the rub is…

With vaccinations rolling out, and some countries effectively managing the pandemic to a point where they can begin to return to some level of normalcy I’m seeing a corresponding drop in the number of people making the choice to create a new life.

Is this an opportunity missed?

Definitely not judging as this I know from personal experience can be a difficult road. Not everyone is ready for it and that’s okay.

What I found interesting is that often after a blitz of self help advice the posts would just dry up.

The thing I find most disconcerting is the lack of persistence…

I know we’re in a world of “quick fixes”, but the reality is that it takes time. Both for the message to resonate, but also for people to trust your messaging and that you’re going to stick around.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is that delivering your message regularly is the key to your long term success.

It really is the long game! Even an overnight success takes time to develop…think about that for a moment.

I suppose the challenge is that you have to keep at it, even when it’s darkest and you’re unable to see the road ahead, believing in yourself and your messaging is so important.

Your ability to persevere is vital to your long term success and will either make you or break you…

One of my favourite quotes is from Thomas Edison who definitely knew a thing or two about perseverance. “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

During my coaching sessions we talk about two key concepts – perseverance and self belief. In my mind these are pivotal to our individual and overall success as human beings. Not just in a business settings, but for life in general.

It’s also important to realize that creating the life you want is a journey, not a destination. And clearly not something that happens overnight and so takes time and significant effort.

So it grieves me to see people give up and revert back to the status quo after they’ve decided to start the journey…

Discovering our purpose in life takes time, often with a few false starts. That’s okay cos there is no right or wrong timing, just go with the flow.

I also know that when the timing is right then it will just flow. For me it’s more about thinking positively about your future and letting the universe do it’s thing.

Of course we still need to define a plan to enable us to discover our path forward, but we also have to be okay with the ebbs and flows and the twists and turns that will inevitably accompany our journey.

There will be days where we’ll come to a fork in the road and must decide on which path to take…

Whichever path you choose, remember it’s the right path for you at that moment. Even if the path is unclear at the time. There are no wrong choices, if you need to learn a lesson then this is where it will occur…you just need to be okay with that and let go.

Following your gut and pressing forward is a sign of courage. It’s also the place where your persistence and self belief come to the fore.

This is where your mindset plays a pivotal role. Truly believing that you’re on the right path is a frame of mind. Approaching each day with purpose, passion and a deep self belief in who you are and where you’re going is vital.

Keeping this day in and day out is the challenge…especially when things seemingly aren’t going your way.

This is the long game my friends…you have to believe and persevere!

Until next week