I find it almost inconceivable that it’s coming up on a year since I left Canada to return to Australia permanently.  Time has seemingly evaporated…

The closing date on my house in Toronto was completed November 18th.

By this time last year, I had made the decision to move back to Australia, in fact the house went on the market over the Labour Day weekend (first weekend in September) and was sold shortly afterward.

I had 60 days to have everything sorted and the house vacated for its new owners.  Now the work really began…

It’s one thing to make a life changing decision like that and a complete another to pack up with intent and then jettison all the items you’re not taking with you.

This past weekend Facebook reminded me of my Garage Sale that I held this time last year.  I was ruthless in paring down my belongings and selling as much as I could in the way of furniture and odds and ends.

Overall, I sold about $3000 worth of items over the course of about a month…. including furniture.  As with all sales of this nature, it’s a buyer’s market and so literally took pennies on the dollar for most of the items.

Ce la vie!

More importantly a good mate of mine (Craig) who lives in Toronto reminded me this week that not only did I sell a lot of items, but I also gave away and donated a significant number of items to charities and others in need.

Yeah, it’s not always about the money… 🙌🏼

That process certainly helped minimize what I decided to ultimately take on my journey to Australia, but also made me rethink what was important to have in terms of possessions.

Even now, I likely have to have another purge of things that I actually brought with me that serve no purpose or need in my life.

Our conversation was a good reminder around the concepts of “less is more”, donating and giving and recycling/reusing. ❤️

In an age of consumerism I took a step back and was aghast at all of the stuff I’d accumulated, versus what I actually needed to live, and particularly how little I used many of the things I had acquired over the years.

I vowed to do it differently once I got to Australia and focused on being a minimalist…

Of course the best of intentions doesn’t always garner the best results, but I endeavour to try.   As you would imagine I was better in some areas more than others.

For instance, when decorating my new home, I splurged on the high-quality furniture, but minimized the other decorations.  At the end of the day being aware of this approach and asking myself “do I really need this” or “what happens if I don’t have this”.

These two simple questions generally guide me with my purchasing decision.

I’ve also had reason to scratch my head since finally receiving my shipping container back at the end of May.  There were items that I’m sure I packed…


Clearly, I’d either sold the item or given it away only to find myself now having to go and buy the item again… 😜

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I’ve been back in Australia, where has the time gone???  It’s certainly lived up to its promise of endless sunshine and tropical beauty.

The last few weeks have had me feeling a little homesick for Toronto.  Who knew that deep down I would miss it?

To be clear I miss the life I had created for me and the kids, my inner-city neighbourhood and all my friends and even to some degree the weather…everything except for the long, cold, and grey winter months.

Nor the shovelling of snow on icy footpaths and driveways.  Yeah, that not so much!!! 😜.

There is no question that I’m in love with my gorgeous home, mineral pool and tropical garden which is a 180-degree flip on my life in Canada, and one I’d been yearning for some time.

Making my dream come true wasn’t an easy decision, but you can only talk about a dream for so long until you either act or shut the hell up.

I chose to act, as you’d expect.   The change hasn’t been as easy as I’d imagined, nor as difficult as I’d imagined…

Over the years I’ve had quite a few Aussie friends decided to move back to Australia along with their families only to rethink their decision and be back in Canada within the year.  Such a huge upheaval for everyone involved…

It takes time to adjust but allowing myself to slowly absorb and get comfortable with my new surroundings has been important.  This is not something to be rushed…

As a dual citizen I love Canada and it will always be a huge part of me and my life – this will never change.

Most importantly with Sam still attending University (Waterloo) it will always be on my list to visit and enjoy.

Until next week!