Judy and I are at a stage in our lives where we wanted a low-key elopement versus a big production wedding.  We both figured that we could save the money that we would have spent on a larger wedding and travel.

We found our celebrant Rebecca Cawood who’s local to our area and from there she was able to provide great connections via her network for most other aspects of the wedding.

She recommended a brilliant photographer (Samantha Li), who incidentally grew up in the neighbourhood but now resides in Brisbane and manages the Infinity Collective.

As you can see by the photos from our day, I think you’ll agree they’re outstanding!

Bec also recommended Redcliffe City Florists who provided the perfect visual palette to highlight out tropical theme.

Then our photographer (Sam) suggested a hair and makeup artist for Judy – Jim jirarnuttaruj.

Wow, he was incredible!  Not only is he a hair and makeup to the stars (Miss Universe, major performing artists etc), but he was at our house at 7:00 am sharp to do both Judy and my daughter Sam’s hair and makeup.

Judy selected her dress with her mum while still in New York and wanted something a little different than the average wedding dress.

Her choice was incredible as her “Marilyn Monroe” style dress was perfect for a less formal setting, plus she could move more freely.

That being said she had to stand for hours in her heels getting the length adjusted to be “just right”, before bringing it with her on the flight to Australia in February.

It held up surprisingly well considering it being packed for the long flight and looked absolutely stunning on the day!

We had decided on a no guest elopement style wedding, but it was important for us to include all of our friends and family from all over the world…  So, we brought in Live Stream Brisbane to capture the ceremony and ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience.

They not only live streamed the event but will be sending us the link to send out for all of those people that couldn’t make the actual event.

If you were able to watch the ceremony via our live stream, then you’ll know that we chose our backyard as the venue.  We decided on our own home after we’d looked a number of options, including hotel rooftops, patios, and the beach.

Surprisingly, the beach was the costliest option given the local by-laws we needed to take out a $20M liability policy, have a documented and approved safety plan signed off by the local council, pay the $750 fee plus pay for a council employee (dressed in high visibility safety vest) onsite during the ceremony.

Oi vey!

Given that we have a beautiful home and garden, coupled with the fact that we decided on only having Zach and Sam as our Best Man and Maid of Honour with no guests it became a simple decision.

The trickiest part of the ceremony was having the live-stream crew and photographer manoeuvre around one another without causing too much distraction during the ceremony, which they were able to successfully navigate.

For those of you that know me you’ll also know that I’ve always worn my emotions on my sleeve.

So, when it came time for our vows, just listening to Judy’s vows my emotions began to well up inside me, my eyes began to water and it was difficult to control my emotions…

However, when it came to me reading my vows, I was so choked up I could hardly get a word out.   Yep, that’s me!

Even after all of the practice runs and reciting them in my head without so much as a flushing of the cheeks, my emotions got the better of me and the tears began to flow…

Somehow, we got through the ceremony and made it official with the signing of the papers.

I realize how fortunate I was to have all three loves with me on our day.

Sam had a six-day break between her final exam and the start of her new co-op term back in Toronto.  She was thrilled to be Judy’s Maid of Honour.

Zach took a week off classes in Canberra to fly up and be my Best Man.

I was truly blessed to have my two kids take part in the ceremony.  It was extra special and a memory that I will always treasure!

Unfortunately, Judy’s mum and dad weren’t able to travel given her dad’s health and the long flight.  Our plan is to head over to New York next May-June and have a party with them and her family to celebrate our wedding.

Luckily, they were able to watch the livestream, but I know deep down how hard it was for both her and her parents to not be here to witness it in person…

As I said in my vows “Today, my love we embark upon a new journey together, one rich in adventures, abundant in laughter and overflowing with happiness.”.

Until next week