There is nothing like an early morning walk to get the day started off on the right foot.

This morning Judy and I ventured north to Bribie Island for an early morning walk along Woorim Beach.  This popular spot is only about 15 kms from home and is almost always deserted, particularly early in the mornings.

By now you know we like to get the day started early, so we get to the beach around 6:30 am.

It’s the perfect time to walk!

Occasionally we see another couple or two walking or maybe a fisherman trying their luck from the beach, but generally we have the entire beach to ourselves.

We often walk about 3 kms (almost 2 miles) along the beach, before turning.

The feeling of sand between your toes, a soft caressing ocean breeze coupled with the warm Pacific lapping around your heels is almost magical.

The ocean was so warm on this walk and the perfect temperature to take a dip.

I have a ritual whenever I go to the beach.

Closing my eyes and breathing deeply for a minute or so to get me into the right mental space.  This little routine always washes away any lingering thoughts or worries before I set off.

At this point in my morning walk I’m not thinking about anything other than letting my senses take over and experience the sun, sand, sky, and water.

The beach has always been a place where I can totally surrender my thoughts and just be…

It’s calming and peaceful and is something I missed living in Toronto, Canada.

Clearly, Canada has its charms but not the beach!

It’s also a far cry from the beaches on Long Island which are adjacent to Manhattan that Judy is used to.  There are a couple of differences, not least of which is the complete lack of people on the beach.

Her experiences in and around New York and New Jersey has been that you have to shoulder people out of the way if you’re on a beach walk.

Not surprising given the number of people escaping to the beaches from Manhattan and surrounds.

Second is the cleanliness of the beaches in Australia – pristine is the word that springs to mind!

I suppose this goes hand in hand with the number of people visiting the beach, but as she says it’s a far cry from her personal experience.

Fortunately, Woorim beach isn’t the closest beach to home, but it is the broadest with a direct view to the Pacific.  All of the beaches close to home face Moreton Island, which is 30 kms offshore, but plainly visible.

The island also inhibits the waves thus making these beaches incredibly safe to swim for families.

At Woorim it’s an uninterrupted horizon of waves and ocean.  Some days there are good sized wave washing ashore and so luring the local surfers out.

After our walk we have brekkie at Mojo’s by the Woorim Beach Surf Club.  Large and tasty breakfast all washed down with a flat white with almond milk.

Not only a great morning walk but the absolute best way to start the day.

Our walk along Woorim reminded me of my last trip before Covid locked me down in Canada.

I spent a week at the Kahari Resort on Stocking Island, just off Exuma in the Bahamas.

This little island only measures 5 kms (3 miles) in length and 1.6 km wide (1 mile).

The beauty of this island paradise is that there are no roads, and thus no cars on the island.  The only access point is from a water taxi service from Exuma.

Given that I had a bungalow on the beach, it was a 50 metre walk from my front steps to the ocean.

I spent much of my time exploring the island over the course of my visit, but the best time was first thing in the morning as the sun rose.

Depending on which side of the island I decided to go for my morning walk would dictate the experience.  For example, on the windward side of the island that faced the Atlantic Ocean was wild, with a gusty breeze and large waves crashing ashore.

However, if I was looking for a tranquil morning walk, I’d choose the leeward side where boats were anchored in the bay.

Nice to have choices when you’re in paradise!

So, whether it’s morning walking along a beach, or a stroll around your neighbourhood it’s always a great way to begin your day.

My other favourite morning walk is when I’m on an adventure and exploring a new city or country.

Strangely, in this situation I never seem to get tired and can walk the entire day without tiring, sometimes upwards of 20 kms (12 miles).

My morning ritual in this situation is to get started by finding a cafe or patisserie as quickly as possible so I can fuel up for the day ahead.

I usually start with a croissant and at least one other pastry to have with my coffee… but that’s another essay!

Until next week