Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your life a year from now, or perhaps five years from now…

Most of us have a broad plan in some form percolating on the distant fringes of our minds about how our life might be.  It’s the retrospective view that is the most interesting in my estimations.

Take me as a prime example shall we.

Let’s see, a year ago I was thinking of travelling more, even though Australia is so far from everything of interest to me I had been feeling as though I had been cast adrift on a desert island.

Now 12-months on Judy and I have four significant trips planned in the next six months.

Okay, but how about five years ago you ask?

Well as a single dad raising two teens, I had a very different outlook on life.  My most important objective was to get both Zach and Sam safely to university. then beyond that I had no real master plan.

When I imagine my life back then it seemed as though I had a much more compact view of the world…

Definitely travel and adventure were still at the forefront of my mind and living in Toronto made simpler and easier to just jump on a plane whenever I wanted.

There was no master plan, although to be fair I did know that I wanted to live in a more temperate climate.

Indeed, that part has come true as well!

How has your life flexed over the past year?  Is that what you had planned or expected?

What’s different than what you imagined five years ago?

I’d imagine that like me, there have been significant changes.

For me personally, as I imagine my life in a year or five from now, I focus on “dwelling in the possible”.

What is the biggest, most audacious dream you have about you and what you want from your life?

Placing that at the forefront of you mind for a moment and whether you use a vision board or write it down document what you want in your life.

Just imagine the feelings of accomplishment when you attain your dreams.

Both Judy and I used this before we met, and now use a process to help us document and say out loud what we to do and achieve in life.

Based on my experience you can bring your vision board to life…

Sometimes your dreams take a little longer to materialize, but if you keep focused and get beyond any of the hurdles and disappointments placed in front of you then you can make anything happen.

Life is up to you!

Keeping your positive mindset and passion for living the life you want will always ultimately shine through.

Immersed in poverty, abuse and surrounded by alcoholism isn’t generally regarded as a good place to start a journey that ultimately leads you to success.

However, given my experience perhaps it’s this crucible that forged my inner strength and drive to build an unexpected life.

A life that you could never have imagined growing up, but a life that continues to fulfil my dreams.

We often get caught up in life to the point where we can’t see beyond what’s directly in front of us…

To break that cycle I use reflection time, a blank page, and an open mind if you will…

A place to dream and imagine big!

Documenting what you want will help you make the small microshifts your life toward you goals and dreams.

Perhaps these shifts will be smaller and more drawn out than what you hoped for, but slowly but surely move and guide you toward what you seek.

Believing that every step you make, irrespective of what it looks like will bring you closer to your destiny is important.  This will help your inner motivation to keep going, even when things feel like they’re falling apart.

There will be times when you’ll feel as though you’ve take two steps backwards, I like to think this is just a repositioning to enable you to continue to move forward towards your goals.

Nothing is ever in a straight line, there are always going to be twists, turns and bumps along the way.  It’s how you deal with these hiccups that will dictate your ultimate success.

If you become completely disheartened and lose sight of your dreams, then it will be a far more difficult journey.

However, if you’re able to keep your mind firmly on your dreams then this minor setback will be merely a blip radar and unremarkable in the broader scheme of things.

As you imagine your life in the future, know that you and you alone own your future.

You dictate how you live your life, each and every day!

Is it time to look to the future and imagine all of your dreams falling into place?  And living the life you’ve always wanted…

A growth mindset, your inner drive and passion, you personal vision and perseverance will enable you to overcome any obstacle and achieve your wildest dreams if you have the courage to go for it…

Trust yourself and know that the universe has your back!

Until next week