Last year I purchased an Air Canada flight pass, and realized only last week that if I didn’t use my last two segments I would lose it.

So rather than squander an already paid for return flight I chose to fly to Vancouver this past weekend.

It was one of my four day flips. 🙂

For those of you that don’t know what this term means (and one I coined), it’s whereby you choose a couple of locations and then literally flip a coin to decide where you’re going.

Whichever location wins is where I go visit for the weekend.

Over the years, and using this approach I’ve visited some incredible locations including New Orleans, Los Angeles, Berlin, Lisbon, Munich and Dublin.

Yes, as you can tell I’m not afraid to even take on a transatlantic flight for one of my flips, but this time I was limited to the restrictions of my pass “North America” only.

Generally leaving on Thursday night and returning on Monday it’s a great way to explore in a time compressed format. Arguably one which I’ve become accustomed over the years.

Clearly it’s not for the faint of heart, because if you’re flying on a transatlantic flight Thursday night you arrive into your European destination bright and early Friday morning.

Just in time to begin a full day of exploration. 🙂

I’ve been to Vancouver many times over the years, in fact, this beautiful west coast city was my home away from home for 3.5 years.

Yes, I commuted from Toronto every week during my management consulting days and it will always hold a special place in my heart!

This ten hour weekly commute is the equivalent of an hour each way per day, so not totally crazy except that its bunched into two five hour slots.

My flight on Friday morning was delayed for 1.5 hours although I didn’t let it derail my adventure.

Upon arrival I picked up my rental car and found my way downtown to the hotel, which is about 16 kms from the airport.

I generally like to stay downtown at the Marriott Pinnacle by Coal harbour and enjoy a morning views of Stanley Park and the Pacific Coast mountains.

For the entire time I worked in Vancouver (3.5 years) I always stayed at the same hotel – the Marriott Pinnacle. Yes, over 700 nights, but that’s for another story.

It was time to drop my carryon and grab my camera and head out. 🙂

Although the skies were overcast it didn’t look like rain, and to be honest it can look like this much of the time in Vancouver so you have to just get up and go.

I started out with my target being the Granville Island market. However, by the time I’d made my way over the Burrard Street bridge it had begun to rain quite heavily.

Nothing to do but find shelter and call an Uber. 🙂

Given that I’d already walked over 10 km, so didn’t feel bad about heading back to the hotel a little earlier than expected.

It was an opportunity to explore another new part of the city with my camera, and was fortunate enough to capture a 100 photos for the afternoon.

Once back at the hotel I decided it was time for workout, followed by a hot steaming bath and some room service. Now that is a great way to relax!

When I travel my motto is “go with the flow”. Enjoying the journey, no matter where it leads…as it’s all part of the adventure.

I often times see people try and pack too much into a short visit. I personally prefer to choose a couple of things and then fill in the rest exploring. 🙂

Definitely much happier when I take my time and enjoy the moments, also takes the stress away when there is not timeline or rush to get anywhere.

Taking time to rest and recuperate is so important for all aspects of your physical and mental health. I’m a big proponent of treating yourself well, as you can tell. 🙂

It was an awesome weekend and will definitely be back on the west coast again soon.

There’s just something about the west coast vibe that triggers my senses, is it the gorgeous snow capped mountains, or the incredible redwood forests or the Pacific Ocean lapping at your feet.

Yep, all three make it a very special place! Thank goodness for my flight pass. 🙂

Until next week