As you all know I’ve decided to move back to Australia. My house closes here November 18th and I leave on the 20th bound for Hong Kong then onward to Australia via Singapore and now Papua New Guinea…

I have to admit there have been a few strange things that I’ve observed through this transitional process.

In fact, one of them makes me stand back and go “wow”.

Initially I had been looking for houses up and down the coast from Brisbane. A more temperate climate was my number one motivation (yes, this was my real reason for moving home!). 🙂

I’d been searching for almost three months, and over that time had seen and shared some amazing houses with Zach and Sam.

In fact, I think I’d almost seen too many and was feeling a little overwhelmed by the volume of incredible houses available – some even within my price range. Lol!

During this process I discovered a new area that I hadn’t really considered prior to my search.

Mango Hill is in Brisbane’s near north, but a fabulous place came up that looked super interesting.

As I checked out Mango Hill, I also noticed another town adjacent to it.

I immediately liked Newport, especially given its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Now, we’re talking I thought to myself!

Sure enough there were some stunning homes in and around Newport as well and one in particular caught my eye.

However, before I got too far ahead of myself I sent the links to four houses, not just the house in Newport but from other areas along the coast and asked Zach and Sam to rank them 1 – 4.

Both ranked the house in Newport as their number one choice.

Interesting coincidence? Hhhmmm

When I went back into the Australian Real Estate site to review the house instead of the tag line being “Contact Agent” it just said “Buy me”…

I didn’t really believe what I was seeing. Now, that’s weird I thought to myself.

So I refreshed the page and sure enough, it now had reverted to “Contact Agent”.

For a moment a chill ran down my back when I realised the potential significance of that momentary message…

It was clear that absolutely everything was pointing me in the direction of this house in Newport.

Until this point I had resigned myself to waiting until I landed in Australia and had served my quarantine before seriously looking to buy a house.

My contention was that I need to feel the vibe of the house versus just seeing photos on the real estate website.

All that changed with this realization and so then reached out to the agent.

She replied immediately to say that she had an open house later that day but would be happy to give me a video walk through of the house right away if I was available.

Things just seemed to flow…

My agent then spent 45 minutes providing me with a very detailed video walk through of the house, including every nook and cranny. 🙂

At the end she said breezily, well if you’d like to put an offer in let me know.

I liked that there was zero pressure.

I enquired about the price (yes, surprisingly it still hadn’t come up in conversation) and she said that if I put an offer in between $1.05 and $1.1 million it would be competitive.

She said that she had received an offer, so I assumed that it was at the lower end of the scale.

Thanking her I mulled over the house for the next few minutes.

I was hooked and felt compelled to put in an offer on the house, some less charitable might say that I was being impetuous. Yes, I know who you are! Lol.

During our conversation I had asked why the sellers were moving given the house is only two years old, and supposed to be there “forever home”.

As she explained the house wasn’t on the water which they ultimately wanted. A block of land had recently become available on the water and so they brought the new block and were now building their new “forever” home.

Their new house is literally around the corner…

I also discovered in our conversation that my agent lives just down the street with her family.

Now, I could see why people love this area – not only is their endless sunshine, close to the ocean but the neighbourhood has a closeness to it where no one wants to leave.

I sent my email offer in on the Friday night, and didn’t hear back until Monday Australian time or Sunday night in Canada.

The first thing my agent said was “congratulations on your new house!”

Seriously…. Everything just seemed to fall into place.

Was serendipity at play?

All through this process I’ve just surrendered myself over and over and went with what was placed in front of me.

Taking this approach has enabled me to remain stress free as I went with the flow.

Clearly, this is all unfolding as it’s supposed to and I’m just along for the ride.


Less than a week till my departure date, and now I have a home to go to after my quarantine ends. How sweet is that?

Until next week