Why now you ask?  It feels like I’ve been procrastinating about pursuing my commercial photography business since I returned home to Australia in late 2020.

Sure, I’ve been out and about with my camera, but I’ve also let it slide and become lax.  Often resorted to relying on my iPhone instead of my digital single lens reflex camera DSLR.  Laziness perhaps, or just a slower resumption to my normal routine.

When I lived in Toronto, I’d never have to worry about not having a camera with me.

Indeed, a DSLR of some variety was always firmly attached at my hip, even if I walked over the local Red Rocket coffee shop, I’d have a camera firmly in my hip holster.

Most weekends were spent exploring the downtown neighbourhoods in Toronto and becoming familiar with the rhythm and pace of this inner-city urban wonderland.

Often on a Saturday I’d walk across town and then down to the waterfront, before making my way back home for a total of more that 16 kms (10 miles).

This translated into a minimum of 250 photos, but more often than not well over 400 shots per day circumnavigating the city.

I’m sure you’re thinking how on earth I could take that many shots in an afternoon, especially since they were of the same city…

So many variable like season, weather conditions, traffic, specific routes, events all played a part in shooting tens of thousands of shots over the years.

However, the commercial photography that I’m talking about is quite different to the travel and exploration type photos that these are.

No, I’m talking about corporate headshots, actors, models and artists comp cards, fashion – products and shows, special events, groups & families plus sports action and fitness.

Strangely, it’s only since I’ve returned to Australia and live in the suburbs that I’ve become much more blasé and laxer with regard to my photography work.

But this past week something triggered deep within me that said enough was enough!

Not unlike a reinvention of sorts…

So, I got busy developing my new website purely devoted to utilizing my photography skills and talents.  The new website isn’t meant to replace the existing Indelible Adventures site that houses my weekly essay and travel photography, but more as a companion to it.

The new site – www.indelibleadventuresmedia.com is all about driving into my commercially centric photography and selling my services.

As I began to document the areas that I would focus on I realized that with my experience I could cover quite a broad range of photography… and this is without my travel related work!

As you can imagine over the years, I’ve dabbled in many of these areas already, and fortunately have captured many images to begin my gallery on the new website.

It certainly isn’t exhaustive but provides a glimpse into some of the types of work I’m available for.

This past weekend I spent two hours shooting a range of photos for Judy’s portfolio, including her new website and corporate headshots.

With Judy’s shoot she wanted a broad range of shots in a number of outfits – which is quite standard.  In all, I shot over 1000 shots in the two hours…

They turned out great – you can see some in the Gallery on the new site.

Prior to the shoot its important to understand a number of facets before the shoot to ensure you understand the objective use of the photographs, the format they’re required in post-shoot and when the images are required.

After my initial interview it’s important to understand the vibe that the subject is going for.  Is it for a dating site, is it for a corporate website, is it for family, or maybe a job (actors, models, or artists)?

Each has a specific vibe that you’re going to be working to create throughout the shoot.

This means choosing the right location and time of day to ensure I have both the right equipment, and support but also ensure that the end result will be incredible!

I have posing cards that I ask my subjects to review prior to the shoot.  The objective is for them to come to me with the types of looks they want to come away with.   This is their homework!

During the shoot it’s a matter of ongoing collaboration to get it just right.

No two subjects are the same, nor are their objectives or vibe that they’re going for the same.

What’s most fascinating to me is the human interaction and the ability to create something special together.

As a photographer that means juggling at least two, but more often three cameras with different lens and settings to ensure you capture a range of shots within the parameters of the shoot objective and outcome firmly in mind.

Your subject or model will thank you for it!

Once the actual shoot is over the fun begins as you enter the curation phase.  This entails evaluating photos against one another to define the best light, focus and look.

And this is where the time consumption comes in.  Many people think that photography is a matter of pointing and clicking, but the actual magic happens in post production.

For the 1000 photos I took of Judy last weekend it has taken me 6 hours of post-production to come away with around 200 shots.

Not sure which part I like more… the actual shoot and collaboration or the post-production that brings them to life.

Until next week