This past week has been a test of my resilience in that my role at my most recent company has become redundant due to a restructuring.

Not surprisingly, given the economic climate this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone.

Never the less it’s always a bit of a surprise and no matter which was you cut it always feels a little disappointing and disheartened.

At this juncture it’s important to recognize the fact that this decision, like many in our lives are outside of your control.

Taking a moment to mourn and reflect is vital to reset your mindset.  For some of us this takes a few hours, or even weeks.

However, this is where your inner resilience kicks in.

It can be easy to fall into feeling like a victim and wallowing…

Not sure this will get you anywhere other than feeling stuck with unexplored emotions but for some of us this is a reality.

The mindset change during this type of situation is to refocus.  Not on the situation and the consternation surrounding it but what this enables you to move forward with and explore.

Let me explain.

To take advantage in this scenario we need to think broadly about our potential options and paths to continued growth and a meaningful life.

For me, this has allowed me to begin exploring different career path options including getting my TEFL certification.

In fact, both Judy and I have enrolled in this program this week and working our way toward potentially teaching English as a foreign language overseas.

Why not?

This could lead to us being in Italy, Portugal or Spain which, for us would be perfect!

Our recent trip to Italy confirmed the fact that there is much to see and do outside of our current arrangements.

As with most things in life, the universe has provided me with an opportunity to change the game if you will and explore other options.

Fortunately for me Judy is also an explorer and willing and able to embrace a new way of living outside our current situation.

However, it’s also important to explore more than one option.

What types of digital nomad jobs are available that would allow us to live and work from anywhere in the world?

Where could we source these types of roles, what skillsets are people looking for and more importantly what outcomes are they looking to drive and achieve?

Given this change only occurred at the end of last week I’ve taken some time to reflect and look a range of options.

I’d like to think that given my life to date and the willingness to embrace change I have a high level of resilience.

But it’s the combination of mindset and resilience that come together to forge an open and adaptive approach to life.

One of the best things about life is that you have to be ready for literally anything, have an open mind and be okay to changing and adapting to new aspects of your life.

Whether it’s a small-scale change or a large life changing one being okay with it is the most important part of it.

As we know, not all change is easy and sometimes laced with anguish and heartache which take much longer to come to terms with…

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity and is particularly important for our mental health.

Personally, I see resilience as one of our most important human capabilities.

Having the ability to cope and thrive under trying circumstances or to bounce back from a setback all feeds into our positive mindset which allows us to move forward.

In my mind, it’s all about the possibilities and potential that excites me.

So much in this life that I’ve yet to explore and experience but I’m definitely up for the challenge and not one to sit back and be okay with the status quo.

Some even might say it’s a blessing and a curse.

Many don’t understand my thirst and willingness for adventure and change…

That’s okay as each of us are built differently.  Goodness, can you imagine if everyone was the same and had an identical view of the world.

Like J.R.R. Tolkien said in Lord of the Rings “Not all those that wander are lost“.

Never a truer quote that describes me and my approach to life.

All I know is that at the heart of my never-ending love affair with adventures is a positive mindset, willingness to explore and my resilient frame of mind.

Yes, I may never have the monetary wealth that others have but my wealth is based in my life experiences.  I can honestly say that I’ve lived a full and complete life and intend to continue to do so irrespective of what others think.

Life is for living and that continues to be mantra.

I know that there are exciting times ahead and I’m ready for whatever the universe has to offer me.

Until next week