If you had the opportunity to showcase your highlight reel what would it include?

There are so many facets of our lives, some might show how they have risen in the corporate ranks and become an executive, others may focus on their sporting prowess and achievements.  Yet others may focus on the wealth they’ve accumulated or things that they own.

But it begs the question – would they include the role and impact they’ve had with their families and on their children?

This is a question that’s been on my mind this week…

For me personally, my highlight reel would include several important aspects.

The first is being the best father I can be for Zach and Sam.

Not always easy as a single parent during their teenage years but I would like to think that I’ve provided them with a good role model.

Although this is just the tip of the iceberg as along with being a strong role model, I believe I’ve also helped them shape their values that will last a lifetime.

Another facet of these years has been opening their eyes to the world through travel.  This process also provided them with the fundamentals of being independent as I’d encourage them to explore and try new things during our many adventures.

Nurturing this independence of thought has been incredible for each of them personally.  Trusting them to evaluate the moment and make good decisions is at the heart of becoming a version of their best selves.

This undoubtedly would be my number one thing on my personal highlight reel.

The next thing I would include has been my ability to raise myself from childhood poverty to where I am today.

All I can say is that it pays off to dream big!

Although my mum always said that I dreamed too much and too big, it would seem that this is no limit to your life with a little self-actualization.

Sure, it’s taken a lifetime, but really the sky’s the limit if you believe in yourself.

So maybe my highlight reel would include those small moments that helped me get to where I am today.

I’m not talking about material wealth, but emotional and spiritual wealth…

Indeed, taking care of business and paying off your mortgage is great and all, but my highlight reel would be more centered on those moments that changed the trajectory of my life.

This is the mindset change that I often allude to is where it’s at for me personally.

The visible change in mindset didn’t happen overnight but took a significant amount of reflection and self-belief to get me thinking differently.

Growing up I tended to take on the viewpoint of my parents which was negative with a tinge of victimhood thrown in for good measure.

I can understand why they may have felt this way as life wasn’t easy for them, but this influenced my personal view of the world for much of my life.

Deciding to take ownership and accountability for what happened in my life was a game changer.  No longer was I going to blame others or bad luck for the missteps in my life.

Nope I had to take ownership of these, either because of poor decision making or things outside my control.

A big part of the change in mindset was not being tied up with things I couldn’t control… just letting them go was difficult at first, but essential in creating a new way of thinking.

All I can do is focus on what and how I interact with the world, with a keen sense of always trying to put my best foot forward.

And the final, and in many ways the cornerstone of my highlight reel are my friends and family.

Firstly, Judy is a loving and supportive spouse that enriches my life, but also brings out the best qualities in me.  Having someone squarely in your corner is so very important, especially when they make you laugh so much!

Another important person in my life is Craig.  He’s been a lifelong mate who’s been there for me in many ways over the decades of friendship that there are too many to count.

I think the highlight reel would definitely include some of our adventures together – playing golf at St Andrews (Old Course), exploring London and New York City, and most importantly hiking the Kokoda track together in Papua New Guinea.

The next most important person in my highlight reel is my sister Glenda who’s been a second mum to me.  Even before my mum passed away Glenda was always there with her support and love.

She’s been a constant over my entire lifetime and has always been there for me no matter what and where I’ve been.

I’m grateful for this bounty of riches and can honestly say that I have lived a fortunate life.

What would be on your highlight reel?

What people and things make you most proud of your life and where you are today?

Take a moment to reflect and perhaps send them a little note to let them know how much they mean to you and how your life has been shaped because of them.

Until next week